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In 1964 Dad bougth three new F 210 D International's. He traded the 1959 Hayes and 2 Ford's off.
This 210 was the one Dad, Jim and Bob Haynes went to get in Prince George
These three pictures show three before the bumper and guard were painted. The truck has just been shortened in Vancouver and brought to Port Alberni for a box and hoist.
These two pictures show #3 (uncle Brian's truck) with the front painted yellow and a brand new Arrowsmith Engineering (Butterworth) box on it. (built for Port Alberni in a shop where Klutisi Haven Marina now exists).  
1960 Ford being pulled out of river on Upper Klanawa 6 before bridge was in. The driver is Kip Brown.
Shortly after all three International trucks were delivered they were working in Franklin River and Bob Haynes, Dad and Jim went out to take Pictures.
Bob (salesman) intended to put the pictures in an International magazine. They never did get there but the pictures are here.

The loader in the box of #1 was new at this time. It was Dad's second Case 1000. The pictures were taken in Old Contractor Yard, the site of the new shop. In the picture on the right is an old '50's Ford panel which was used as a parts and oil shed.

And here is Dad. Behind him are his 1962 Ford pickup and an old '52 Ford pickup that stayed in camp as a spare for sometime.
Originally the respective drivers were:
#3 Uncle Blain Falconer
#2 Dad
#1 Louie Hebert
These pictures were taken on Mount Washington out of Courtenay. Dad was working there in 1964 when he bought the new 210 International's.
He had the '59 Hayes there until his 210 came in. He drove #2. They were hauling ore from the mountain top, down to a milling area.
Dad quit after this shovel ran away and went over the bank.

Picture shows Apex's 60's GMC (now owned by City of Port Alberni and used as a lowbed tractor) and Dad's 210. These pictures were taken the day we went to get Dad's truck after he had quit.

Lake on Mount Washington seen from the haul road
In these pictures Dad was hauling road salt from a railroad siding on Roger Creek to a government yard on Malabar road. Trucks hauling snow for the city
Dad hauling snow from the plywood parking lot
Fleet pictures taken in Franklin River in 1964-5 showing three new 210 International's and a new Case 1000 loader
Dad also has one Ford left that is not shown in these pictures.

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