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One of Rayner & Bracht's old GMC dumps converted to a lowbed tractor. Seems to be a little high centered. (taken in may 1863)

Tom's truck under Sproat Lake Division grade shovel

Jim Hawkin's "Vee Liner"
Tom Christian's Mercury Rayner & Bracht's business card

Alex Falconer's 1959 Hayes with about 18 yards of crush. Hauling contract 18 cents per Ton/Mile, First Mile; 8 cents each additional mile

Hauling in Rogers Pass, summer of 1961
Highway betwen Revelstoke and Golden, BC

Tom Christian's Mercury in Rogers Pass
  Huge in its day, a 5 yard Bucyrus shovel
Picture was taken in May & June of 1962.
KW Dart at Noranda's open pit mine
Picture was taken in May & June of 1962.
Loading concentrate iron to be hauled to the Towquart Bay Wharf. Apex Hauling's 1960 Hayes is waiting to go under the hopper.
Picture was taken in May & June of 1962.
Dad's new '62 Ford worked quite often in the Ucleulet area and at Noranda Mines. Picture was taken in May & June of 1962.
Big hole at Noranda Mine. Pictures were taken from Kennedy Lake Division's logging roads above the mine.
Drill Rig
A nearby river was diked and pumps work continuously to keep the open pit dry ( it is now full of water) Five yard shovel
    Reg Dorman's Trucking business card
    The first of three Case loaders Dad owned. Bought in 196?
This one was a Case 1000 Series. Picture shows Dad practicing up on operating the loader by clearing Uncle John's lot.

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