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Dad pounding out a dent in the bulkhead after scraping the door frame when coming out of the garage Crossing river on Upper Klanawa 6
Dad working on the Hayes in the yard (Batty Road)
  Jim and Theresa Kip and Dad
    Near gray main building on New Town Road
Jim, Theresa and Dad Late 50's Ford bought for Moving loader around Dad working on loader tracks as Theresa instructs
Dad loading Tom Christian's truck on the site for Sproat Lake's volunteer fire department across from Lakeshore Store.   Fleet picture in 1962 at Franklin River
'59 Hayes, '62 Ford, and '60 Mercury
1964 Ford
Dad had a fire going in the box to melt the ice so he could haul snow with it
Richard sitting on the '64 Ford
(it had a 534 gas engine and Arrosmith Engineering box)

Seymour Dam (Vancouver)
Dad and Norm Young's Hayes trucks

Walter Anderson and me (Jim Falconer) Jack Fix and Carl Tuttle  
1956 Ford at Franklin River 1956 Ford and International L-212 single axle
Built in 1952 but bought by Dad brand new in 1955
Jim and Linda
Kip & Ruth Brown
Elaine & Tom Christian
Kip Brown driving Dad's 1956 Ford at Franklin River Typical river pit of early 1960's
Alex Falconer's 1959 Hayes and 1956 Ford
Alex is looking out the side window on the Hayes

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