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Alex Falconer
August 26, 1924 - May 10 1996

Alex Falconer's 1956 Ford dump truck at Franklin River. Driver Kip Brown The 1956 Ford was Alex's first tandem
Grade foreman Elmer Edwards in front of truck Loading rock under a Northwest - MacMillan-Bloedel Franklin Division. Shovel Operator: Walter Anderson, Swamper: Denis Sargent Howie Moon running an A.C. wheel loader
Walter Anderson running a Northwest Loading ballast rock  
  S&T chunk truck on its side.
Old 1950's Kenworth (owner: Andy Shishka)
Wounded MacMillan-Bloedel crummie
Hayes HD powered by Rolls Royce pulling a Kenworth chain drive low bed. (possibly Flora Lake or Upper Klanawa)

Kenworth pulling lowbed with a Northwest grade shovel converted to a log loader. Equipped with ait-tongs.
Operated by Eddy Osterberg.

Formerly the S16 - Walter Anderson's grade shovel

Victim of a falling mistake. Late 1950's Crummie.
Chunk truck with hay rack self loader. VanVliet Trucking Alex's 1959 Hayes crossing the Upper Klanawa River
Walter Anderson, Northwest Operator
Upper Klanawa 6
Nanaimo Bulldozing Hayes & unknown Kenworth loading in a river pit. Location and camp unknown. Alex's brand new 1960 Mercury dumping its first load on Flora Lake 5 - Franklin River
1960 Mercury 'Super Duty' on freshly ballasted road 1960 Mercury and MacMillan-Bloedel Cat D-7 Cat operated by Jack Sommers. At this time the company was actually MacMillan-Bloedel & Powell River Co.
D-7 Cat operated by Jack Sommers. Lineup of J.W. Ganerton trucks in Franklin River camp circa 1960. This was a Nanaimo company that worked for the paving company when South Main & Coleman Dump Road were blacktopped (approximately 20 miles). Old Sterling lowbed with Cat on in Franklin River camp. The Sterling was about a 1950-51 vintage,
Sterling hauling the windrow machine. A yarding machine built over a Catapillar D7 or D8 undercarriage. Taken on Flora Lake Line. A view of the windrow machine rigged up and yarding.
Its appearance was like an old derrick or a hydro transmission tower.
The old Sterling hauling a skidder Another big skidder machine arriving at the landing on a Hayes truck, an offset cab HD. Hayes HD H-38 Franklin River
Grader operator Don McLeod (circa 1960) 1960 Mercury and tip trailer hauling shovel mats for grade building. Driver was Kip Brown. Kip Brown and his moving train. Tip trailer with air trac drill, compressor and fuel trailer. Does it back up?
Background: Gens Neilsen
Foreground: Mike Vitkovich
Jim Woodskie ran Rayner & Bracht's Michigan front end loader
Ballasting a tree spur. In back is the front of one of Jerry Brock's 1957 Hayes and behind it stands the wooden spar tree. Carl Tuttle and Jack Fix in front of Jerry Brock's #5 Old Joe Hawkins driving his Diamond T, known as "Cannonball"
A new Northwest shovel for Franklin River arrived at the sawmill on a rail car. Wally Thomspon
Once it was loaded up with track cross ways, it toured right through Port Alberni on an off-set cab Hayes HD (H-98) and on out to work in the bush.
Likely S32 - the last new Northwest grade shovel
Not a favorite day for Alex's 1960 Mercury. But the damage was quickly repaired and Kip was pleased to have the reminders all covered by new paint.
1960 Mercury and Howie Moon running the A.C. front end loader Joe & Rodney Faris doing ditch cleaning along the lake just out of Franklin River.
The H098 hauling the windrow machine in Franklin River Camp. Loaded trucks in the background and a Kenworth at the fuel pumps. Hayes truck, Hayes lowbed and windrow machine
Cat and old Mack snubbing a yarder off a hill.
Yarder carrier is an old Pacific Car & Foundry tank retriever from WW II
International Crummie off the road
Towering up a steel spar mounted on an old LSWM Model Mack, an ex logging truck
Norm Young's 1959 Hayes HD
Howie Moon loading with the MacMillan-Bloedel A.C. front end loader
1960 Mercury and Northwest shovel
Hayes HD H-127 with a Rolls Royce engine coming off Flora Lake 5 onto Flora Lake main line.
Upper road: Flora Lake Main
Lower road: Flora Lake 5 (1961-62)
1960 Mercury beside a large log
A. Falconer 1960 Mercury driven by Kip Brown
and A.C. loader operated by Howie Moon
1960 Mercury behind Kip's house H-56 in loaded truck lineup at Franklin River Camp.
Alex's 1960 Ford pickup at the left
New 1962 Ford in Alex's yard on Batty Road 1962 Ford, 1960 Mercury and Norm Young's 1959 Hayes
taken at the Franklin yard
Alex's Case 1000 loader loading the 1960 Mercury
Alex's first Case 1000 clearing a lot on Batty Road for practicew. The lot was his brother-in-law's, John Friesen. Alex on the Case 1000 A 1958 Ford used for moving the loader from site to site
Fleet lineup at the city pit in early 1964.
1959 Hayes, 1962 Ford, 1964 Ford
1960 Mercury, Case 1000 loader
1962 Ford and 1959 Hayes on a section of re-routed Franklin River Town Road. Now between Gray Main and Hawthorne Main. Kip Brown beside Alex's new 1964 Ford 850 - 534 Gas
It had an Alberni-made Arrowsmith Engineering box with twin frame mounted rams.
Shortly after, Kip bought his first truck. It was a used logger and moved to Powell River. 1964 Ford 850 1964 Ford 850 with Case 1000 on board
at Franklin River Camp B yard
Ex M&B Franklin River Northwest presently (2007) sitting on Chase's farm in the Cherry Creek area of Port Alberni. G02 (ex H-98) with a heel boom log loader on board.
A Northwest designated L282
Old M&B Northwest. The picture was taken about 2002 but it is still there presently (2007). Though it hasn't moved in many years. It is probably still runable.
Photo of a building mural Bob Haynes had painted on his Parksville 'Mid-Island Parts' store. Bob sold this truck to Dad (Alex Falconer) and did it in memory of him after Alex's death. Alex's 1967 Hayes loading in 209 Gravel Pit Sarita River Area of Franklin River Division
1967 Hayes with new Langfab box put on in the Nanaimo shop (circa 1991) Taken in April 1997
#6 at its first truck show in August 1997. It was in Port Alberni and it was to commemorate the 75th year of Hayes Trucks.
Even though the manufacturing plant shut down in 1975, hundreds of these trucks are in daily service. This show was one year after Alex Falconer passed away.
John Gereluk (son-in-law), Richard (son) and Alex (right)
in Alex's back yard on Renton Road
Alex beside his new 120 excavator
1967 Kenworth with a painted box and waxed up cab taken in Alex's back yard on Renton Road
#1 a 1970 Hayes HD that Alex bought second hand in 1977 #6 1967 Hayes and #1 1970 Hayes
at home for maintenance and repairs
Part of Alex Falconer fleet lineup September 12, 1995
Some sample company patches

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