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This Freightliner Argosy is one of 38 domiciled at Salt Lake City for Yellow's sleeper/triples operation. The Roadway and Yellow operations were combined March 1, 2009 under the YRC brand. The tractors are Penske units leased to the company, these units were built during the fall of 2006 and are considered 2007 models. This set with the Argosy was pictured near Tracy/Clark, NV about 20 miles east of Reno - August 30, 2009.
The YRC westbound triples set has an International 9400 as power, these units were purchased during fall of 2006. The set is near Tracy/Clark, NV - August 30, 2009.
A westbound YRC FL Columbia powered mixed heritage set near Mustang, NV - September 7, 2009. Before being rebranded Yellow, the rear box was a USF Ducan unit. The con-gear between trailers is a former Yellow gear. The Standard Carrier Alpha Code for the merged company, YRC, is Roadway former code, RDWY.
YRC westbound set with a FL Argosy power unit pictured at MM30 on I-80 in northern Nevada - September 20, 2009.
FL Columbia powered set westbound at Mustang, NV - September 20, 2009. The team tractors at YRC, whether Roadway or Yellow heritage units are leased from Penske.
Lineman weighs his semi at YRC's 819 in Sparks, NV - September 18, 2009. The team in this tractor, FL Columbia, is based at Chicago Heights, IL #309.
YRC, Yellow heritage, 3 axle Volvo VN with Great Dane van eastbound at Thisbe, NV near the Derby Dam exit along I-80 in northern Nevada - September 26, 2009. Of interest is that Great Dane trailer which during Yellow's operation was a captive local pool trailer assigned to a terminal. Under YRC these former local pool trailers can be seen in system operation as needed.
One of YRC's team trucks westbound near the Derby Dam exit along I-80 with a set of doubles. All heritage Yellow equipment.
A former Yellow heritage Freightliner Argosy, domiciled in Salt Lake, powers two former Roadway trailers westbound at Thisbe, NV - September 26, 2009.
Two Mack CH612 (13090 and 13218), former ABF units, and a Volvo VN (22949), downgraded line unit, all Roadway heritage tractors in front of the office at the company's Sparks terminal #819 - September 3, 2009.
YRC bills itself in advertising literature as the oversize and heavy weight expert, pictured here two large crates at 5,000 pounds a piece and 22 feet long are staged ready for loading on the company's dock at Sparks, NV - September 3, 2009.
A forklift ready to position a oversize and overweight crate in front of a dock door for loading at YRC's Sparks, NV terminal - September 3, 2009.
Loading an oversized and overweight crate into a pup at the company's 819 terminal in Sparks, NV - September 3, 2009.
Parked on the tractor line at YRC's Sparks, NV terminal (819) this Mack CH612 (13098) is part of the local tractor pool - September 21, 2009.
YRC International 8100 (17774) used for local power at the company's Sparks, NV terminal # 819 - September 21, 2009.
A Roadway heritage line unit # 875110, a Volvo VN, being used for local work at the dock at YRC's Sparks, NV (819) terminal - September 21, 2009.
One of the newer local replacement tractors that came to Roadway about a year prior to the March 1, 2009 merger that formed YRC. Pictured at the company's yard at Sparks, NV - September 21, 2009.
One of the newest line tractors, a 3 axle Volvo VN which is an 08 model year pictured at Sparks, NV - September 21, 2009.
A Yellow heritage line tractor being used by a local man with a late model 53 ft van built by Wabash National, this system van has a rear roll door - September 21, 2009.
Roadway heritage team tractor, 2 axle Freightliner Columbia, domiciled out of Chicago Heights #309 parked at YRC's Spark, NV terminal #819 - September 21, 2009.

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