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I caught this pair of Tri Corp trucks near St. Louis MO. Very nice trucks!
Good looking rig sitting in Springfield MO
An old CF freightliner sitting in Nixa Mo. for sale, unfortunately I did not have the money at the time for the truck or I would have bought it. I would love to have it to go with my cabover.
A old CF ford tractor in Nixa MO. for sale. Such a shame to see them gone now
This is a 1952 Ford F-800 that I bought from the estate of the original owner, the mileage shown is correct, 13968, it was just used locally to haul a backhoe on a little lowboy trailer. The truck had the Lincoln V-8 with a 4-speed and a 2-speed rear. I had to sell the truck when I got hurt in a car wreck and have missed it ever since.
Really nice old B-model Mack, it was for sale near me.

My kids and I went over to 4-state trucks one day, these trucks were there getting more goodies, and they made a new friend while they were there, "scrapyard" from "Trick my Truck". Rick is a great guy, just a good old boy, the kind of guy you would like to go fishing with or something, we enjoyed our visit with him.

Here are some better shots of my truck, CF #116-2043
Just some retired equipment sitting in Indiana, sad to see it just sitting and rotting away.
Some new IH trucks ready for duty! Big old work horse being moved through Illinois. This is a delivery truck that ran past where I lived every week.
Couple of trucks that were on the paving crew working on the road in front of my old house.
Good looking little KW that was picking up a car at the neighbors house. Some of the equipment sitting at Royal Oak Charcoal in Branson, MO.
Some of the equipment sitting at Royal Oak Charcoal in Branson, MO.
Some of the equipment sitting at Royal Oak Charcoal in Branson, MO.
A Plymouth, Hudson, and a couple Studebaker's from a local car show.
I don't know what to say about this poor old CF trailer. It had the front section from a dolly on the front and a light duty trailer axle under the rear, I would not have wanted to pull it like this, I would not trust it, and no way would I want to try to haul anything in it!
A "little" dump truck being hauled down I-44 south of St. Louis MO. This was a truck hauling materials for a project being done in Branson MO. called the Landing, the driver was a really nice guy and loved his truck.
This is a rare site any more a old C series Ford hard at work on a construction site in Branson west Mo. Not a clue what year or what kind of bus, just a cool pic, the brick building next to the bus is the bank, this is in a little tiny town in southwest MO.
Now if this trucks doesn't excite you then you are not a truck fan! A really cool old KW butterfly hood, just waiting for some love!
K-100 sitting in Hollister Mo. it is for sale, overpriced, it is a real shame too, because it is just rotting away sitting there, has not moved in about 5 years now.
Good looking KW at my wife's work place, she works at an underground storage vault. Next door they have storage caves. An old Roadway truck still working! A nice looking Pete sitting at a truck stop in Arkansas
This old white was spared from the crusher for a bit but sadly that is where it ended up going.
A really nice looking log hauler in Arkansas.
A sad sight, some retired CF trucks, these trucks were all running and driving when they came to this spot, they were parted out where they sit, then scraped. I did not find them until they were in this condition, otherwise I would have tried to save another one.
More CF equipment in the boneyard.
These were in the same boneyard some retired Roadway trucks, the Mack was a Jiff-lock truck.
An old Pete sitting in the same boneyard. This roadway truck was at an auction my wife went to. She called me and said "there is an old cabover semi truck here", so I said jokingly buy it for me! She did! It has a gas burner V-8 with a 5 speed. A big old IH sitting south of Branson,MO
A Mack that is always hard at work in the Branson, MO. area. A poor old Pete that looks like it has had a hard life.
Some old trucks sitting in a bone yard in MO.
A clean little Freightliner for sale in Mo This is an old Diamond with a Fruehauf flatbed sitting close to me, the old guy that owns it says it will fire up and drive down the road right now.
Some trucks sitting a truck stop just south of Branson, MO. I really liked the Autocar, it is always sitting here, I guess it is no longer being used.
This poor old IH ended up getting crushed. An old Transtar sitting in Taneyville MO. Looks well used. This was my first big truck I ever owned, a 1957 white WC22, it had the mustang gas burner in it.
More bone yard pictures
A pretty good looking 1954 Chevy pickup
This was a really good looking KW that was at my wife's work, driver was a really nice guy, he kept apologizing for the truck being dirty.
A set of CF trailers Former CF Freightliner FLD with an old Fruehauf trailer

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