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Jerry learned to drive in Los Angeles for Standard Oil. This was one of their trucks, a very odd one. It was one of those V-12 gas pots that were two v-6's bolted together. The fuel tank was in the front of the trailer and they had a 20 gallon tank under the cab. So every 70 miles you had to get out and pull two handles under the front of the trailer and hold them till you filled up the little 20 gallon tank again. Jerry left Los Angeles and ended up in Seattle and went to work for Texaco. This was his truck. It was about the nicest, smoothest, best handling truck he had ever driven. This was 1966. Here is one of Inland Freightliner trains hauling for Mobil out of Renton WA.
Three Inland tankers coming home from Mt. Home air force base in 1975. Here is one of the old Inland black oilier with bunker for Weyerhaeuser at North Bend WA. This Kenworth was the first new truck Inland got in the ten years Jerry had been at Inland. He got it at Richmond Beach hauling for Standard Oil.
Here is another Pacific Transport tanker truck that Jerry drove. While Inland was on strike for seven months, all the drivers drove for different outfits. Here is one of the outfits Jerry drove for, K-Line While Inland was on strike Jerry also drove for Pacific Transport. Here he is delivering fuel to the Sandpoint Navel Air Station in Seattle.
Here is Jerry's truck at General Chemical in Vancouver WA with a load of weak acid. This of course is the old Arrow colors. Same run and place but this day Jerry had a tractor with the new colors. This Freightliner was the first new truck Arrow got in many years. This was taken at Carnation Co. at Wheeler WA. This is truck #3200

This is a picture of some trucks belonging to Kay Transport. The time and place are unknown. The picture comes from the collection of Carl Gothels, who drove for Gas Tank Service and Arrow Transportation.

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