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I recently went with a friend of mine, Karl, on a Easter trip to Oslo with a truckload of vegetables from our area. Karl normally drives buses for the same company that I work for, but he likes driving trucks in his "spare time", as it were. We unloaded at one of the large grocery chain warehouses in Grorud, Oslo, and returned with a full load of bananas for Stavanger. The truck, a 2001 Volvo FH12-460 Globetrotter XL, is owned by Nor Cargo, one of the large nationwide transport companies here in Norway, and can be seen here ready for "takeoff". The two Scanias were parked outside the warehouse where we unloaded, and are typical run-of-the-mill Norwegian semis.
Harlem Transport Scania 124-470 T. Gisslen Nor Cargo Scania 164
I spotted this nice Swedish registered Scania 164, driving for Nor Cargo, parked outside the dairy at Kleppe, as I drove my bus past there, and so I just slowed down to a crawl and shot a pic through the window of the bus; I was planning on stopping and taking more pics on the way back, as there were fewer passengers in the bus then, but alas, the bird was flown, as it were. I've seen it before in the same spot, so I'm sure he'll be back later so I can get more pics. Very good looking truck, methinks.

Then, just as I was putting my bag in the back seat of my car and getting ready to call it a day, this second Scania pulled into the gas station at Bryne where we park our buses. It is one of my favorite local trucks, called "Street Truck 1" ("Street Truck 2" is a new MAN with Star Wars murals, also driving for Pro Line), and driven by a guy who calls himself "Charlie". I went over to him, and asked if I could take a few pics of the truck, and he was only too happy to oblige; he had just pulled into the gas station to fill up the washer fluid tank, so he used the water hose and hosed off the front for me before I took the pics. The Scania, a 144-530 Topline, is a few years old, but still looking good, I think. Nice murals, and he only recently put the "cow catcher" (that's what we call them here, at least!) in place. (That's two of our Mercedes-Benz buses in the background on the last pic, by the way.)

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