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Jan Asle Sele is from Norway. Here are some Norwegian truck pictures from Jen Asle. These are from two smaller local trucking companies, Ørland Transport and Kåre K. Lode Transport.
The Ørland Scania is owned by Løland Entreprenør, but pulls trailers for Ørland. The rest are pretty self-explanatory, I guess.
The MAN TG-A (above) is perhaps my favorite European truck model these days, and so I thought I would include two angles of the Lode TG-A. This one has the XXL cab, which is the largest available MAN cab.
Kåre K. Lode Transport Scania 143m-420 This 26-463 MAN has the largest available cab for the old model, and there is really quite a difference there.

AGA Arne Christensen DAF 95-500: This is a fairly rare truck in that it is an older DAF 95 ("pre-XF") powered by a 500 hp Cummins engine. DAF hadn't been able to develop an engine of its own with which to join the "hp race" that was going on at the time - if I remember correctly, the most powerful DAF-powered DAF at the time (early/mid 90s) had only about 400 hp - and so they decided to put a Cummins engine in their top model instead. This particular truck is the only Cummins-powered "non-XF" DAF I know of in my area. (The newer 95XF also was offered with a Cummins engine, then of 530 hp, until DAF itself managed to get 530 hp out of their own engine, and therefore ceased to offer a Cummins option). It has the "Super Space Cab", which was - and still is - the largest optional cab offered by DAF, and, I believe, the only cab offered with the 500 hp Cummins, although I might be mistaken in this. AGA Arne Christensen DAF 95 XF: This is currently DAF's most powerful truck, the 95XF-530. It has a 530 hp version of DAF's own 12.6 litre six, which was introduced in this most powerful version in late 1999. The 95XF has of late recieved a slight facelift, but still looks a lot similar to the truck in this picture.
Bjerkreim Bilselskap Renault Magnum: This is supposed to be the ultimate European made truck when it comes to living quarters. It was the first truck to be made with a completely flat floor here in Europe. Almost all European trucks are cabovers these days, and most cabovers have an intruding engine tunnel; Renault, however, decided to get rid of this tunnel altogether, and many European truck manufacturers have done the same in their top-of-the-line truck models - most importantly the Mercedes-Benz Actros MegaSpace and the MAN TG-A XXL. This particular Magnum is owned by Bjerkreim Bilselskap, a local transport company that has both trucks and buses, and it hauls meats from one of the local meat plants, Gilde. It is a few years old, and the Magnum has since come out in a colpletely redone version, although the general look of the cab is still pretty similar.
Brandshaug Mercedes-Benz Actros 1846: This is Mercedes-Benz' top-of-the-line cab, the MegaSpace (it also has a completely flat floor, like the Magnum), seen on this 1846 model owned by Brandshaug Spedisjon, a company that hauls mostly dairy products and meats for the Tine dairies and Gilde. It is powered by an approx 460 hp six-cylinder (the most powerful M-B engine offered at the time was a 570 hp V8), and was shot on two separate occasions, on one of them actually pretty clean. ;) The Actros was recently introduced in a completely redone version, and it can now be had with up to 580 hp.
Brandshaug / ProTrans DAF 95XF: Another truck hauling for Brandshaug Spedisjon, this one apparently owned by a company named ProTrans. I believe it to be either a 430 or 480 hp version. Brandshaug / TT Transport Renault Magnum: Yet another rig hauling for Brandshaug, this one an almost brand new Renault Magnum owned by TT Transport of Farsund. It was shot loading or unloading at one of the local dairies, at Klepp Station. This is the newest Magnum version, and this particular truck (TT has at least four similar ones, all hauling dairy products and meats from the Stavanger area to the Kristiansand area, and farther east) is powered by a 12-liter inline-6 with 480 hp, called the "Mack E-Tech" (also available with 400 and 440 hp), which I believe is the most powerful engine available in the Magnum now, since the mighty Mack V8s (500 hp when introduced, later upped to 520 and 540 hp) are no longer available - due to stricter emissions regulations, I believe.
These first four are trucks hauling for AMR Routers, which, as far as I know, does not own any of the trucks hauling for them themselves. The trucks in the pictures are a fairly new DAF 85CF, a Renault Magnum owned by Finkelsen Transport, an MAN TG460A XXL, and a Volvo FH16-520 Globetrotter XL (below left), which does not have the customary yellow AMR Routers paint job.
These four are all DAF trucks hauling for Brandshaug Spedisjon. The fairly good looking 85CF (above) in the pictures is the only 85CF in a fleet consisting mainly of 95XFs. The 95XFs pictured are a 480 hp version (parked at the dock, next to the 85CF, above left), and a fairly new 530 hp version. The 95XF-530 (below left) pulls a trailer with the Tine dairy logo on it, while the two others have trailers with Hennig Olsen Is (Norwegian ice cream factory) logos.

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