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Jan Asle Sele is from Norway. Recently he was on a trip with some friends to the US and here are some of his pictures from his trip.
Dupico Brothers Trucking Peterbilt 379 taken at Lebec, California, just north of LA.
RJC Trucking Peterbilt was taken at Alpine, Texas, in the Dairy Queen parking lot
These pictures were all taken on the Hoover Dam; the road across the dam was now "off limits" to trucks, but there was quite a bit of construction going on there, so there were construction trucks crossing the dam all the time.
Peterbilt gravel hauler was taken outside the Twin Rocks restaurant outside Bluff, Utah
Just before sundown, we had just visited the Monument Valley Tribal Park visitors' center, and had pulled back onto the highway when I noticed this nice Peterbilt parked by the roadside. We stopped, and I got out and started shooting some pictures, just to find out that the driver of the Peterbilt had stopped to do just the same thing! He was on his way from Denver with a load of carrots for California, and he turned out to be a very friendly, young Australian guy who had gotten a job for a trucking company in Iowa and was seeing the country from behind the wheel of the Pete, as it were. He would remain in the US and drive for at least another year. I chatted with him for a while, about trucks, driving in the US, and other things. If, by chance, the driver or someone who knows him, should happen to see these pictures, I would be very happy to get in touch with him again. Pretty slim chance, I know, but... :)

Mullins Salvage Internationals. Nothing special, but we stopped at this salvage yard in Mt Olive, Illinois, to look at some old cars, and so I thought I'd take a couple of pics.
CCH Supply KWs: Taken in Shamrock, Texas, along old Route 66. The others took pictures of an old gas station, I took pictures of trucks... ;)

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