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R&E was started back in 1967, incorporated in Baltimore, Md. Originally, R&E was just a drayage comapny running containers from the Ports in Baltimore as well as all of the rail ramps (Back before deregulation of the rails when there were mulitple intermodal rail yards.) With the aquisition of such major accounts such as Michelin tire, Montgomery Ward, Lever Bros, and our partnerships with customs brokers and freight forwarders in and around the Port of Baltimore a demand was created for an Intermodal Marketing Comapny to best service its shippers. In 1972, R&E Consolidation was created. In 1976, R&E continued to service customers by providing break bulk distribution, LTL service, and truckload service eventually, extending that authority into Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

Throughout the years, R&E staffed and operated different intermodal ramps in Baltimore. R&E provided the manpower to opereate the lifts and yard trucks (Supplied by R&E) as well as drivers and comapny tractors to pull the containers in and out of the yards. Along with the intermodal operations, R&E owned terminals in Baltimore, Md., Richmond, Va., Roanoke, Va., and Newport News, Va. for LTL operations. We also worked with other LTL companies in Philadelphia, Pa., Pittsburgh, Pa., and New Jersey giving R&E total coverage in these states as well as next day service to most points. R&E was always a very well known and a higly respected comapny in and around Maryland.

When R&E merged with a company out of Elmwood Park, Nj. back in 1996, we owned nearly 100 tractors, 200 trailers, and six straight trucks.

R&E Consolidation (IMC) is still in business today. R&E Consolidation operates out of Baltimore, Maryland, but does not own any trucks.

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