Hunter Creek Service Truck Stop

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Hunter Creek Service taken in 1948.
Restmore Lodge can be seen in the background across Hunter Creek
Bill & Bea Jarvis and family. This picture was taken before Trudy came along. Hunter Creek Service as it looked in the 60's.
Auto Transport Service Ford auto carrier, taken in front of Hunter Creek Service in the 1950/51. Arrow Transportation Kenworth carrying a long concrete beam for one of many bridge constructions in the 60's. Charlie Derban standing next to a Carson Truck Lines GMC.
Charlie Derban on the first trip of Derban Limited's Peace River Transport in 1953.
Unidentified Ford tractor trailer Crown Cartage Chev truck Public Freightways driver Ed Grubasic
Inside of the Hunter Creek Cafe
The skid marks tell the story of what the load of lumber was doing as it hit the new Carson truck on the bottom of the big hill coming into Prince George.The Carson driver was Darrell Derban. International after being involved in an accident on the way back to Vancouver, BC
George Mogg taken inside the Hunter Creek Cafe Wes Peterson standing next to a Lees Transport Diamond T Glen Reddick standing on the running board of a Lee's Transport International
Bob "Shadow" Reid standing next to a Nabob International Unidentified driver next to a Lee's Transport International Unidentified driver next to a Lee's Transport International
Pete Wall, Pete Reddicopp and Ken Wilkinson standing beside a Lee's Transport trailer "Spud" Murphy next to a Lee's Transport International Rocky standing next to a Lee's Transport International
OK Valley Freight White Unidentified driver standing next to an Oil Transport (BC) Federal tanker "Baba" Nugent standing next to an Oil Transport (BC) Federal tanker
Vancouver-Kamloops used Leyland trucks Rocky standing next to a Vancouver-Kamloops Fargo truck Another Vancouver-Kamloops Leyland
Unidentified driver stand by a Vancouver-Kamloops White Two Vancouver-Kamloops Leyland trucks parked along the Trans Canada Highway Rocky in disguise
Princeton Brewery Ford tractor trailers Vancouver-Merrit Diamond T tractor trailer
Harry Jenkins driver
Vancouver-Merrit Diamond T straight truck
"Shadow" Reid driver
Bobby Nesbitt standing by a White Transport Fargo Russ Morrison standing by a White Transport Fargo Doug McLoed standing beside a White Transport truck
Bob "Shadow" Reid and Jimmy Dalarack standing in front of an unidentified International George Robertson with White Transport (Dodge/Fargo) taken at the Hunter Creek Cafe Unidentified driver sitting on the bumper of a Stewart Truck Lines International from Ashcroft, BC
Tony and Russ standing next to an unidentified Ford tractor trailer Verl Heibein inside the Café while driving for T&H. Verl drove for T&H Cariboo Transport from 1952-63. Taken inside the Hunter Creek Cafe. Before driving for T&H, Verl drove at Harrison Mills for CanFor. This picture at Harrison Mills with his Hayes during 1950 hauling from Chehalis.
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