Ten Years' Hard Work Pays Off
Truck Stop Rebuild Prospers

From Leonard Bigland, Vancouver District;
(Special to B-A TOPICS)

Along the mountainous Trans-Canada Highway near Hope, B.C., a man and wife team have stuck to their guns through ten years of hard work to build a flourishing busniness.

They're Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jarvis, operators of Hunter Creek Service, one of the largest truck stops in the province. Their business today includes a modern service station,restaurant, novelty shop and sleeping quarters for transport drivers.

Hunter Creek Photo
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jarvis placed their faith in the future to build this business near Hope, BC.

Back in November of 1947, the ambitious pair bought a B-A station and coffee shop near Hope, B.C. The buildings were little more than large shacks, with two glass pumps in front.

Business was not brisk. Things were going badly for Bill and his wife when they decided to open on a 24-hour basis, just to see if the situation would improve. At first, customers were scarce at one time they took in only four dollars over a 24-hour period.

Construction then started on the Hope-Princteon Highway, and business plcked up considerably. Bill catered to the transport drivers, offering clean accommodation in return for their business.

Soon, Hunter Creek Service became well-known to truckers. The station became a regular stop-over, and Bill handled a message and road report service for the drivers.

Three Years Later

After three hectic years, the, station hours were shortened to 19 hours, seven days a week, and the couple have had this schedule ever since. Gallonage climbed until it is among the highest in British Columbia.

With an eve to future business, Bill could see where his existing facilities would be inadequate. He decided to tear down the old buildings and rebuild.

Construction carried through from September, 1957, until February of this year (1960), without a day's loss of business. Thousands of dollars were spent on the rest room facilities alone.

Sales are still climbing at Hunter Creek Service where long hours, good housekeeping, and top service have earned a reputation for a couple who placed faith and hard work foremost for the future of their business.

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