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1/16 Scale Toy Logging trucks

Back in 1952 or 53, I received a Sturdi-Bilt logging truck similar to this one. Over the years as a kid I played with it every day. Well as I played with the truck the cast frame was cracking and my Dad would repair it. But some time in the late 1950's I guess the frame must have broken completely. So the truck was put away. Then in the 1960's I tried to fix the truck myself. I didn't have many tools or anything to really repair it. So I used a couple of Meccano set bolts and nuts and that kept the two parts of the frame together.

Well go ahead a bunch of years and interests changed (a bit). The truck was eventually tossed out as garbage. But not by me, put I'm sure my parents might have asked me about it before tossing it. But strangely I did see the front half of the frame and cab being played with by kids who lived down the road from where my parents moved to after the farm. I was happy that kids were still enjoying the Sturdi-Bilt truck.

Then in August 2014, I saw the truck pictured here at a truck show at Brooks, Oregon. I knew the person selling the Sturdi-Bilt truck so we eventually worked out a deal for the truck. In September 2014 at a toy truck show in Lynden, WA, I picked up the truck in trade for a couple of Smith-Miller trucks, one of my books as well as some cash. I was so happy to have this truck again. This one won't be played with, so I won't have to worry about the frame cracking.

It makes a nice addition to the other toy trucks I own and to my growing fleet of logging trucks.

All of the 1/16th scale logging trucks lined up on our retaining wall
All American Toy Company
Timber Toter
All American Toy Company
Timber Toter XHD 65th Anniversary
Limited Edition

Rainbow Collectibles
Kenworth Logging truck


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