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Dairyland Kenworth Milk Tanker

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As a kid I grew up on a farm in the Fraser Valley near a town called, Rosedale, BC. In the 1960's my Dad upgraded his mild storage system to include a bulk tank. Every other day or so, the Dairyland tankers would come to the farms to pick up the milk to take the product to their facility at Sardis, BC. In those days they used Diamond T cabovers and International cabovers. Then Reo diesel cabovers came a bit later. They all had the same cab like the VCO-190's.

The milk was transferred from Sardis to Vancouver, BC on highway tankers, which included two White 3000s and a White 4264T conventional tractor. I use to alway dream/wish that they would have Kenworth trucks pulling their tanks. I use to draw them on our milk house walls and the tanker drivers would always draw along side my drawings.

Well I finally got my chance to have a model built of a Kenworth pulling a Dairyland tank. Here is my dream come true.

The finished project taken at the All American Toy Co. showroom
Here is a photo of a Dairyland White 3000 tanker that was used to haul milk from their facility in Sardis, BC to Vancouver, BC. This taken in Sardis, BC in 1962. Here are two cabs side-by-side to show me the cream color for my Dairyland Kenworth. Here is the artwork I did for the sign maker
to use for the Dairyland tanker
Some mockup pictures showing the not quite finished Dairyland tanker
The finished Dairyland Kenworth tanker taken at the All American Toy Co. showroom

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