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Hayes Factory Photos
Here are some pictures of a 1940 Hayes just out of the factory.

Moving Day
Moving Day. Had to move a bunch of stuff due to loss of some storage space. This Kenworth dump truck had to be towed to its new home because the engine had calfed. We used Jim Falconer's HD Hayes logger to relocate the Kenworth.
Parts saved from the previous clean-up had to be relocated also for future projects. These are the last of the saved parts being moved. We dug out old faithful Elmo to haul the artifacts to their new home.

MacMillan & Bloedel
A brand new truck, 40 years and 650,000 miles ago.
I was hauling out of South Main 5 just the Franklin side of the big Nitinat Bridge. This was one of our big spruce areas. The BCFP 6-231 was on his way to their spruce flats on Nitinat mainline. We were cross hauling with these guys. They hauled their big spruce to Caycuse and we hauled ours to the Coleman dump on the Alberni Canal. Funny thing was we never had each other's radio frequencies. We had an ambulance at each side of the bridge, so old Doc(BCFP) would let their drivers know when one of us was coming and Marlene Pynn our first aid lady would do the same for us.Was really interesting to see what shovel operator could pile it on the highest. One of us would see a huge load on a BCFP truck so you just HAD to beat his load size. And vise vice versa. It was without a doubt the best time for all of us. Good bunch of guys back then!
A couple more of H17 when new. First one dumping load at Coleman. The other three show loading the trailer.
When we started the pup program we had two little HD Hayes pre-loads that were originally surplus from NWB Div H-208 and H-210: H-210 was eventually converted to a line horse and H-208 sat idle. We talked about using her as a yard truck for assy/disassy of pup and train trailers and loads. The Franklin shop really got into it and fixed her back up again and did some mods, as you can see in the pictures.
Pictures of the dolly and hitches welded on the back of the trailers.
Here is the H-208 doing her daily duties. These pictures show her moving two loads around the yard to line up for the lead load to be added to them.
When we first started we were only pulling pups. After we got all the bugs worked out of it our divisional manager, John Marlowe, finally gave in and allowed us to pull three loads at a time.
Here's a some photos showing the trains we hauled.
J-28 on the move, going into Sugsaw Mainline.
J-28's last ride. This is her when she finished her last setting on Upper Hitchie Mainline. I was hauling her down to Coleman Dump barge ramp. She ended up going up the coast, not sure where, or who bought her. She had a very colourful career at Franklin and you can only hope that whoever got her "enjoyed" moving her around as much as we did.

BC Forest Products
The newest member of the family is now a lot closer to home. Went out and worked on her. Got most of the lights working now. Rained all day so it was a good time to give her a bath.
Here is a couple pictures of 6-228 after Pat Carson bought her and converted her to a conventional truck from being a pre-load These were at Mesachie Lake shop prior to
Hayes Forest buying them out. Here she still retained her V12 GM engine and the manual shift transmissions .You can see another exBCFP conventional truck parked beside her with the trailer down. Those pictures are for another time.
The Budget Steel bin in the background of post #1777 was an omen of things to come. These pictures are the sad end of another BCFP Caycuse Div. truck, unit 6-234. Truck 6-233 had already been recycled in these bins and now it's 6-234's turn. Both these trucks had been bought by Hayes Forest and then reduced to parts only. The rest went into the bins. HFS did not believe in pre-loads so you are seeing the end result.
Here is the new addition to the family. Originally BCFP, unit #6-246 from Malibu Div.
The mighty 12 V 71
These two trucks--M&B and BCFP--cross-hauled in the Nitinat together in the 70s and 80s.
This is 6-245, the sister truck to 6-246
You can see the drivers steps in the second picture. This was a BCFP thing Works very well, also scope out the heavy plate welded onto the center section of the front bumper. I think Mike Cross and the shop crew welded it on there when they were rebuilding her after the accident Also the two flasher's have been removed from the cab roof . If you look close the front fenders are also replacement ones. Unless you really knew what to look for you would never know all the work those guys did to bring her back. Just have to cut off the brush guard and fix the tweeks in it and put rad shutters back on and she would look pretty good again. Im thinking the broken passenger side windshied might have been pushing the lowbed thing

Some years back, a couple of us went up island to Crown Z's shop at Telegraph Cove. It was being cleaned out and in the scrap pile I managed to dig out a set of bashed up side panels. I brought them home and stuffed them away. I stumbled on them last week and got to thinking maybe...just maybe. The right hand side one won't fit until I reroute the air tubes for the air cleaner. This is how they look just in case you're looking at the cut out piece and wondering.
They're finally both on. Much fitting and fine-tuning. These will stay on for now and will become the templates for the new ones when I get them made. They don't quite fit right--the left-hand one is an inch and a half further back than it should be and the right-hand one is about an inch and a half ahead of where it should be. New ones will be adjusted accordingly.

Primered and bolted on new side plates (both sides) and ground old bumper steps off. Reinstalled original style cable steps.
The king pin was being lowered onto the truck.
It was cut off her many years ago when the line horse assembly was mounted on her.
Finally installed new yellow cedar deck boards and added a few goodies to the cab roof. Had to strip out headliner to get at everything and found all kinds of interesting notes and plastic snap-ties that had been stuffed up there over the years.

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