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These pictures and brochures came from Victor Goertzen, who worked for Hayes
1961 Hayes HD 6x6 for H. Lister of Churn Creek, BC
Vic Goertzen Collection
Vic Goertzen worked for Hayes from 1956 to 1974. That is Vic on the right side of the picture. Vic Goertzen Collection
These Westcoast Transmissions Hayes HD's were taken in the 1960's taken in Hope, BC
Vic Goertzen Collection

These photos were taken on Van Island about 1968 - 1969, during a service call there. The location is Caycuse.

Unit #6-230 s/n 9033647 and unit #6-231 s/n 9033648 were both delivered to BCFP Caycuse Division May 23, 1969 and unit #6-232 went to BCFP Renfrew Division s/n 9033649 June 4, 1969. The three trucks were part of a production order for BCFP all three came with matching 60 Ton Hayes Trailers

Sometimes they had to trim the frame to fit a different engine from what they normally use.
The engine is a 6-110 GM engine.

HDX in production near completion. This truck was one of six that were built for "The Arctic Trucking" in 1959. All six trucks came with 8 cylinder Rolls Royce inline engines. These trucks had the longest hoods of any Hayes trucks, up to the Spanish Hayes WHDX's.
Two Hayes trucks just about ready to leave Hayes plant.
Vic Goertzen Collection
This picture is from about 1962-63. The fellow behind the wheel is the person who hired Vic in 1956 and sent Vic this pictures when Hayes closed down. Vic Goertzen Collection
One of two Hayes WHDX built for Arbegui in Spain, 1973 or 1974
There are more Arbegui pictures and information and specs at this link showing some of the other Hayes trucks built for them by Paccar.
More images at this link
HDX Hayes Trucks
These pictures were taken at Castlegar around 1966- 1967 at the time they were flooding an area for a Dam. Note the width of the bunks. The trucks were owned by BC Hydor and the models were: HDX 33-90, Serial numbers were 6032885, 6032886. Both trucks had Cummins 335 engines, 5+4 Transmissions, and 70,000 Clark rear ends. There was a third truck that followed about 3 months later with the same specs.

Thank you David Renzie for the following information:
These trucks were brought in to be used to haul logs that came down the Arrow Lakes by tug boat around the Keenleyside dam project to the Celgar saw mill. Once the dam was complete the logs were moved through the lock on the dam. These trucks were owned by BC Hydro I believe, because I remember the hydro symbol on the doors. When they weren’t needed any more I believe one went into transformer moving service and the other one was sold to Celgar Pulp and had a large tank installed on the tractor to haul chemicals around the property and is still used today.
Some recent 2010 pictures taken of one of the Celgar Pulp Hayes HDX taken by Ken McLean
The Aswan Dam was built between 1960 to 1970. These trucks may have been built in the late 1950's.

Hayes had to stencil the instructions for handling the truck once it got to its destination and where to sling them to lift them off. There are other picturess around of these two trucks and the instructions for tripping the "Seattle Stakes" was stenciled onto the bunks themselves.
The date on the slides stated Nov 1963, but only tells us that it was taken before this date.
This is actually a rubber tired DUMP MACHINE built by Hayes for BCFP at their Renfrew Division.
Vic Goertzen Collection
BCFP # 726
Vic Goertzen Collection
This Overdrive Magazine was already well used when it was purchased. On page 77 of this Overdrive Magazine the Expo 67 Hayes HDX was featured.
Vic Goertzen Collection.
Expo 67 Hayes HDX out for a photo shoot.
Vic Goertzen Collection
These pictures were taken during the photo shoot. That is Vic Goertzen on the Hayes HDX
Vic Goertzen Collection
Here is a picture of the Expo 67 Hayes HDX after it was re-painted for MacMillan Bloedel. Vic Goertzen Collection

Hayes with a P & H engine. The Cab and engine are temporarily installed to check for fit.

If you look at this pic you will see the front engine mount is held on with C Clamps and the steering column was loosened and leaned ahead to make easy to check cab and engine clearance and fit, some time when a odd ball engine was used this had to be done when steering column is in place cab has to lifted high mount cab and there is not too much clearance engine. Vic Goertzen Collection
Blue print showing an exploded view of a 1968 Hayes HDX
Vic Goertzen Collection
Hayes Clipper 200 Brochure

Hayes Clipper COE Brochure (Hay-Mack)
  Larger versions of the same pages above

Hayes HD-400 Brochure

Hayes HDX 1000 Brochure

One of service updates from
Hayes Managers Service Manual
from Thomas Everett
Hayes HD, HDX and WHD air brake system drawing  
  Blue print showing an exploded view of a 1968 Hayes HD

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