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Hayes corporate brochure that was produced about 1972. From the John Gregg Collection.

"Hay-Mack" Brochure
I should note that the photos in the COE brochure are not of the Hayes truck. This was a Mack Western that Hayes bought as publicity and engineering tool to try out the concept. Only the grill, emblems, paint job and a cover on the center of the bumper to hide the Mack bumper are done by Hayes. The interior photo shows the Mack instrument panel and not the one that Hayes produced.
Hayes MD250 mixer truck Co-op Coe is the same "masked Mack imposter" that was used in the Hayes brochure 5 years earlier. It was delivering feed around the Fraser Valley from bodies made by Knight  

1986 Trucking Canada about Hayes and Mac-Blo’s H17

Big H Company Newsletter Volume 1 Number 1
Hayes New Positions
Service Awards

5 years of service for Andy Craig

A little story about Andy. He worked in the final assembly and testing department. Often trucks would arrive there missing parts or having parts that did not fit or work properly (part of the custom truck business). Often Andy would take it unto himself to make or alter parts as he saw fit to get the truck finished. I can recall times when a customer or dealer would call some time later to get a replacement part for one of Andy’s creations. We would ask if the old part had a number stamped on it, and would get the answer that the number was AC-189. AC stood for Andy Craig. We would go see Andy and he would pull his diary out of his tool box which had details of all the parts he made.

Lester Moznik Hayes Clipper COE
I recently purchased this picture on eBay. It's a great shot of Lester Moznik's Hayes Clipper COE drom. Hearsey TransportHayes Clipper COE
taken by Kent Gilman
Emerald Express Lines Hayes Clipper taken in Langley, BC in September 2001.

Another Hayes truck rescued by the Hayes Orphan Association
1966 Clipper with V8 GM and 5 & 4 transmission

Some Hayes truck pictures from the Dave Hulse Collection
A picture of Dave Hulse's Hayes taken in the winter of 71. Leased to Canyon Distributors Picture of Dave Hulse's brand new 1971 Hayes Clipper

August 1952 Motor Carrier article, New Hayes Unit for MacMillan & Bloedel First Of A New Series

1965 Hayes Clipper COE owned by Cam Hiltz
Thank you Doug McKenzie for these pictures

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