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1969 Dodge with a Bluebird bus body It is me beside bus spring 1980 at the ski hill. This bus was one of the last to have the emergency door on the right side of the and not rear centre. The back seat was full width, you could jam 10 students in the one seat if you let them. 1973 Ford with a Bluebird bus body beside an IH Thomas bus 1980 International with Thomas bus body 72 passenger ( with 3 in each seat) First bus with power steering and brakes, and Allison 4 speed Auto. Driver installed his own music radio. Me beside my bus. Fall 1980
Inside of new IH Thomas bus before first trip. Last time for the new smell. Lunch smells from now on. Our small fleet in 1982 Field trip to a winter logging show. There was only about 12 to 16 inches of snow. Loggers, crewcabs and support vehicles were behind bus away from the landing. Neat picture of Snow bus in a Snow bank
Bluebird bus on left, Thomas beside on right Thomas bus on left and 2 Bluebirds beside on right February 1985 Picking up new 72 passenger Thomas in Edmonton, Alberta and heading for Princeton B.C.
Jan. 2007 new city of Vancouver transit buses damaged on way to Vancouver, trucks ran into black ice on highway south west of Kamloops, B.C. 2004 Freightliner Thomas 72 pass. C-7 Cat, Allison auto.
April 1,2007 April fools joke played on my bus when stopped at high school, sign was taped on back of bus. Still had 2 more schools to go and unload students at. 2008 Bluebird Vision, 1999 Bluebird GMC, 2004 Freightliner Thomas, 2000 Bluebird GMC.
Inside 2008 Bluebird vision, the day it arrived Feb.19, 2008.
Left side of engine, C-7 Cat 210 hp. Right side of engine, C-7 Cat 210 hp. 2008 Bluebird Vision new, C-7 Cat, Allison auto, cd player, tilt wheel, and cruise control.

Here are some pictures of the newest bus that School District has, just received Oct. 10, 2012. It is a 23 Pass Bluebird on a Ford 450 , and will be used as a Activity bus for our high school sports teams. This Bus also has seatbelts for all passengers.

Drove by the school shop and they got a new bus this morning, Nov 28, 2012. It is a Thomas and has a Cummins engine.

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