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Truck Pictures

Jerry Harker Logging 1953 GMC 6 cyclinder gas Load of logs from rear beside the jammer Unloading in the mill yard Penticton sawmills at Princeton tripped stakes logs being pushed off
Still unloading lifting off logs 1957 Diamond T 220 Cummins 5 & 4 speed, truck was new and had not hauled a load yet. Owner Ralph Robson Princeton B.C. spring 1957 1957 Diamond T, 47 years later Spring 2004 still in Princeton B.C.
1974 Mack 375 hp. 5x2 R-700 Cat D-9G with ripper Sparwood B.C. 1975 Hayes HD won the war spring 1978 Head on with falling star Merritt B.C. Western Star wars spring 1978 Head on with Hayes Merritt B.C.
White Western Star 3 new trucks at the Kelowna factory waiting to be shipped out Early 70's Mack hauling new railway ties for new rail spur line Corbin B.C. 1976
White Mustang wrecker Cranbrook B.C. 1983 R. & W. Herrick Trucking Princeton 2006 T-800B Kenworth 18 speed 46,000 rears. ISX 565 hp Cummins, short logger. Truck was new hauled 2 loads.
North of Quesnel B.C. 1954 Lynden Transfer with a load of hanging beef.

1963 Kenworth 350 Cummins, 15 speed, 44 rears with 4:11. The truck is still used daily Owner Ross Ferguson Princeton BC 1972 Mack RS-700 with V8 power Ross Ferguson
Apex Industrial Movers Mack.
Larger Apex Movers Mack and part of a 200 ton trailer used to move electrical transformers.
Old army truck with a load of 3 logs. 2 children from Coalmont on top of cab. Freightliner cab over stuck in a snow bank Princeton B.C. 1952 F-8 Ford Tandem 317 cdi engine 155 hp with a load of logs.
Loading a shovel on a low bed trailer. Unusual way to haul logs side ways. I would think that if you stopped fast you could be rolled flat.
Ford truck fell off of a rail siding loading dock. Coalmont B.C. Load of logs

B-61 Mack and a Mercury Big Job 800 together hauling a load of bridge stringers the logs were 80 ft long. Mack drove forward and the Mercury backed up. Distance from where the trees were cut and the bridge was being built was 28 miles. Photos taken summer 1959 Tulemeen B.C.

The Mack was owned by Bill Taylor and the Mercury was owned by L & L logging Osoyoos B.C. (Joe Libel)

Kenworth truck and trailer in the rocks west of Princeton. Some times a forklift decides to fall over
Loading rail cars in Coalmont B.C. early 50's Unloading a Kenworth log truck
Fleet of forklifts unloading log trucks and loading rail cars. Some old trucks were converted into forklifts. 1947 5 ton Fargo, with a load of logs. W.T. Squelch and Sons Tulameen, B.C.
Old Federal truck with a load of logs in a parade July 1, 1936 Princeton, BC 1947 5 ton Fargo hauling ice on Otter lake getting loaded by a Scoopmobile loader or forklift.

I have been busy with a Jet plane project for two weeks every day. Almost done. Dana is going to help us out with his truck tomorrow, he is going to haul and spread 2 or 3 loads of gravel at the base of our Jet which is a huge weather vane we have used a trailer axle and the jet rotates in the wind.. Started this job 2 years ago and a couple more days and should be done.

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