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Kevin Murray Collection

Kevin Murray and Gordon Fritz teamed up in 1987 for a while. Gord owned the truck which was leased to Glenncoe Transport. Kevin drove the Steerable trailer usually. They did switch off every few hrs, hauling bridge beams and other long loads in B.C. This trailer was known as a Roadster since it was an open air model. You sat behind the rear tires, no cab just a small windshield. There was a steering wheel, air horn and wiper controls on the left and right side of trailer. Was very quiet, cold and windy back there
Gordon Fritz's truck 81 Kenworth, 8V92, 15 speed over, 4:11 gears, with Steerable trailer in tow. The driver of the trailer in this model sat behind the tandams. This was known as a Roadster since there was no cab or heat back there. All streched out and ready for a Pre-cast concrete bridge beam.
Two Gantry cranes bringing a beam to truck and trailer in Richmond B.C. Almost ready to lower beam in place on truck and trailer.
Getting ready chain down. Beams were 120 ft long and were for the Pothole bridge on the Coquihalla highway. Usually a 6 to 7 hr trip. Near Abbotsford on the #1 highway had some excitment, when a couple of tires blew. Can not use the words to describe the moment.
Gord said he here a bang and looked in the mirror and seen dust and rubber all over. Kevin would only say that he was glad he was behind the left side steering wheel when the tires let go at 90kms or 55mph. After repairs and change of pants legs got steady again, off they went. Finally made it to the bridge site. Kevin in front of truck.
A load of roof trusses for a sports arena in Chetwynd B.C. Dennis Gouldsbourgh was the trailer pilot on this load. Getting the crane jib ready to lift the trusses into place.

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