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J. S. Cook Contracting
J. S. Cook Contracting started in 1984 by Jordie Cook of Princeton B.C. with 1 truck. Now in 2006 he has a fleet of 10 trucks, 15 trailers. They haul logs, low bed, and have 5 super bees for hauling forest products in B.C. and North Western USA.
First truck that got it all started 1984 International Paystar 5000. Big cam 3, 400 Cummins, 13 speed Splicer, 46 rears. Driver Mike "The Frog" Lamoureux.
1990 Western Star 425 Cat, 18 speed, 46,000 Eaton rears. First new truck. Driver Mike.
1994 Western Star 550 Cat, 18 speed, double overdrive, 46,000 rears Driver Mike
Load of fence rails and posts. 1996 Pete driver Dave Kerfoot
1996 Pete driver Dave Kerfoot suffered a medical blackout, he was seriously injured, and has since recovered.
1994 International 460 Cummins, 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells, Driver Gord Fritz Some days every thing goes wrong.
1996 Pete 425 Cat Jake and Retarder, 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells Driver Shaun Hepting
1999 Pete 550 Cat, 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells 1999 Kenworth 550 Cat, 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells, KW air ride,
Drivers Ron "Uncle Rocko" Roche and Doc.
1999 Pete and Kenworth 2003 Kenworth 475 Cat, 18 speed, 46,000 Eatons, Driven by Jack and now Martin. On the way to a forest fire any thing goes. After the fire is you better be legal.
2003 Kenworth with Hitachi EX 200
2004 Kenworth W-900L, 550 Cat, 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells B.C. Big Rig weekend, Driver Jordie Cook
2004 Kenworth has to work to pay for all the fancy stuff
2005 Kenworth T-800 530 Cummins 18 speed, 46,000 Eatons
Twu 2006 Kenworths T-800, 475 Cats, 18 speed, 46,000 Eatons Kenworth air ride, 30in sleepers. drivers Jack and Mike
Jack with a faller buncher
1998 Pete 550 Cat 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells, driver Jordie
2005 Pete 379, 550 Cat, 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells
2006 Kenworth T-800 Tri-drive, 530 Cummins, 18 speed, 46,000 Rockwells, air ride. Driver "Uncle Rocko"
1962 White Compact # 1500T, inline 6 gas motor, waiting to be restored International yard mule for moveing trailers around. New way air ride. Training truck for 2 future truck drivers.
2007 Kenworth 625 hp Cat and 18 speed all cleaned up looking great<
Kenworth all cleaned up looking great 2007 Kenworth with a oversized load trying to miss low telphone lines. Person on Cat truck used a 2x4 to raise the few low phone lines, truck had to be raised up to clear bailey bridge sides on route
Made it to town, check height, 16ft 10in. Next bridge double check just over 17 ft. good to go. No jacking. 1980 Freightliner 425 hp Cat, retarder and Jake brake, 15 speed.
These were taken on June 30, 2009 by Hank Suderman This was taken on July 9, 2009 by Hank Suderman
A picture of Henry’s truck, our 2006 Peterbilt, 625 Cat, 18 speed, 48” flat top sleeper.
Jordie with an off-highway move, 2007 Kenworth, 625 Cat, 18 speed
2009 Kenworth, 550 Cummins 18 speed. Driver Mike Lamoureux

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