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Gord's first truck was a 1981 Kenworth, which he bought in 1986. 8V92, 15 speed overdrive with 4:11 gears. Set of 60ft beams for Nakusp B.C. Truck and trailer in Coquitlam B.C.
Rock Creek B.C. Getting a load of Labatts beer, Gord's favorite loads. 2,800 dozen in a 45 ft trailer.
Just outside of Field B.C. 1987 Monte Lake B.C. 1987 I saw your signal light but I thought you were turning the other way.
Hauling Granite rocks from Beaverdale B.C.
Interesting load for Hazelton, B.C. tourist information center. A overload and spun out, 57ft long logs, GVW 125,000, big trouble.
Loads of logs 1988-89
Shovel bucket on bed going to the scrap yard in Vancouver. Load of Asbestos from Cassier B.C.
100ft long roof trusses for Chetwynd B.C. sports complex.
Kevin Murray, in front of Gord's KW, Kevin was the steerable trailer driver. Beams were for the Pothole bridge on the Coquihalla highway, 100ft long.
Had a couple of tires blew near Abbotsford, on the #1 Can not use words that went through Kevin's mind when the tires blew, Gord heard a loud bang looked in the mirror say dust and rubber all over. Kevin needed a change of cloths, and away they went.
Seamalt Speedway, Kelowna early 90's 14.97 in the 1/8 mile. 140 injectors.
Bad day at the office, forgot where I was till it was to late.
Kenworth all repaired and hauling logs beside some mine trucks.
Log truck pictures.
1975 Kenworth, 1693 Cat, 15 speed. Now repowered with a 400 Cat B model, Jake and retarder. Load of rock from Boisie Id, to Penticton and Kamloops B.C.
This was a hard load to chain and strap down, came loose lots. Winter white out.
A load of snow after driveing through a snow storm 1998.
1998 IH, Gord's first new truck. May 22, 1999

1988 Pete, 444 Cummins, 18 speed, 3:90 gears, Frank Mantels old truck.

1996 Freightliner, FLD 120, 525 Cummins. 1997 Western Star, 525 Cummins.
End of the 97 Star, another bad day for the man in black Gord.
1998 Kenworth, 475 Cat, 18 speed, was the Western star replacement. 1998 Kenworth
1998 Kenworth, with the pink strips removed.
1978 Kenworth big cam 1350 Cummins 13 speed, Glenn Fritz, Gord's Dad's truck. Truck repainted and is still working, 2009. Road to Bella Colla B.C. early 1970's, Dave Hallett.
S-line IH made into a tractor, Ritz-Ville Wash. Kevin Arlt, work very well.
Western Star on its side.
Hit a bump on the road a bit fast and the trailer almost left the truck.
Weyerhaeuser sand truck on its side.
120 miles north of Fort Nelson B.C. breaking a drill rig down for a move. Trying some thing different, Richard Demontreal was the driver trainer, did not like this work at all.

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