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George Kassa Collection

George Kassa worked on the construction of the Hope Princeton Highway, latter on with the Dept. of Highways in Princeton.

In 1946 the B.C. government started work on a new highway the Hope-Princeton. It was finished in 1949. Nov. 2, 1949 was the offical opening at Allisson pass highways yard. This is where most of the equipment that was to be used for highway maintance was brought to to show the public that the government could keep the highway open all year around.

Finning tractor sent a D-4 and a D-7 Cat on the train to Princeton
Finning tractor sent a D-4 and a D-7 Cat on the train to Princeton Where it was off loaded and reloaded to B.C. goverment truck and trailer and trucked to the new highway west of Princeton. FWD-M7D 4 wheel drive (D=diesel) FWD-M7G (gas) with lowbed trailer, Pacific LB-20 20 ton Sn # 7202 sold to B.C. government May 20, 1947. In the early 1950's this truck was converted into a tandam had one more rear axle added to it which was chain driven from the axle in ahead. ( still looking for the picture)
Sicard snow blower. Left. Jack Milne Princeton shop forman and Art Lees Cloverdale shop forman. Two FWD-M7 plow trucks
One week after the big grand opening the next weekend there was a 24 inch snowfall. It was not good, since after the opening no one checked to make sure the keys were where they should be. Only the keys for the Sicard blowers could be found.
Line and sign painting crew trucks. Chev truck for lines and a 1947 Ford for road signs and extra paint.
Just show that not only trucks have run aways. Case tractor was pulling a wobble wheel packer down the sand hill into Princeton when something went wrong it was a rodeo a run away down a 6% grade the operator jumped and the tractor ended up in the gravel pit. He was hurt , but returned to work a month latter.
Two Sicard snow blowers, There are screens in front of the blowers as the blowers were left running to show the public how they work and they did not want to get any one hurt. Two FWD-M7 plow trucks and a KB-8 IH plow truck
Two IH-KB-8 plow trucks and a Oshkosh V-plow with 2 wings Two Oshkosh V-plow trucks with wings Two Michigan truck mounted shovels and one Lorrion truck mounted shovel
Two KB-7 IH trucks one with fuel tank and the other with water tank The grader fleet. 1 Adams, 2 Champions and 1 Cat

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