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This shovel bucket arrived in Princeton on March 4, 2010. A crane from Kamloops was here and they unloaded it next to the school shop. Road bans are in place so it could not be taken to the new mine here. This is a used bucket which they are going to place near the mine entrance or office buildings when they are built. It came from Texas and weighs just over 87,000 lbs.

I would think it was not planned well to arrive here at this time of year, it cost a ton of money to get it off loaded here and latter on get reloaded and trucked 12 more miles. Just glad I do not have to pay the bill.........
I am standing in the bucket which will be used as a sign at the mine entrance, weighs 87,000 lbs
Then on March 22 was reloaded and moved for the last 12 miles
Norlyn, from Kamloops came to town for the move. Western Star truck
Norlyn Freightliner, getting ready to load and haul 375A Komatsu dozer to the mine site
We were in Vancouver when the parts for this Komatsu arrived at the mine site, went up today (April 18, 2010) and got a few pictures before someone told me not to climb on the truck.
Like as if I will take it for a drive and do a road test so we left to keep everyone happy.
Here are some pictures of new mine equipment loads
These three pictures show the front rear end for a large load
The truck box arrived for the Komatsu truck in two pieces

The parts for the ball mill arrived last week, I was only to get pictures of one loaded truck, it was the smallest load.
Most are 18 ft wide and were only allowed to drive between midnight and 5:00 am. I managed to get several pictures of the empty trucks.

Here are some more pictures of some of the trucks and trailers that have come through town (Princeton, BC) to the new Copper Mine.

As most of us know I came out of retirement to help out for a few weeks.
So today (November 18, 2010) we went up to the new copper mine with 48 students and 2 other buses , here are some from a cold snowy day.

Hear are a some loads to and from Copper Mountain Project taken in 2011

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