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These pictures were given to Ray & Gary Ellis by Harold Huntley.

Dewey Ball's Conventional Kenworth with a 370 cummins with a spicer 5 & 4 transmission, that were driven by Harold Huntley.
Another picture of Dewey Ball's Kenworth. Cabover Kenworth, with a 350 cummins and a 13 speed over.
Here are some pictures from the collection of Harold Huntley of some Mohr & Parker Transport trucks.
They hauled between Ontario and Alberta.
Elwood Huntley's truck, unit 106 taken somewhere around the Lakehead.
From Harold Huntley's collection.
Elwood Huntley's Kenworth, unit 106.
Another picture of Elwood Huntley's Kenworth. Elwood Huntley's unit 106, taken at the top of the Montreal River Hill in Northern Ontario.
Unit 148 after an accident. Another picture of unit 148 after an accident.
Len Valentine's International Unit 196. This photo was taken at M & P's yard in Toronto.

These pictures are of Chemtool out of Crystal Lake, IL. Taken in Imperial Oil in Regina, Saskatchewan of the first bulk load of grease that was brought into Western Canada for Imperial Oil.
1961 International V-liner for Frickers. Photo taken August, 1964. Frickers Diamond T tanker. Photo taken May, 1964. International cabover unloading fuel at Grand Cache, Alberta in 1976.
Frickers International tanker hauling fuel on the MacKenzie Hwy. Jack Frickers fleet in Edmonton, Alberta in 1967. Frickers GMC hauling fuel on the ice road.
1979 Western Star for Imperial Oil with a set of A-trains unloading fuel at Sedgewick, Alberta. Hauling fuel into LaCrete, Alberta across the Peace River ice bridge. Hauling fuel across Great Slave Lake from Norman Wells to Yellowknife in 1954.
This is the fuel depot at Norman Wells, first thought of, designed and built in the event that we ever got invaded in the North country. Santa Claus' house in North Pole, Alaska. Spin out on Prudhoe Bay Haul Road on Gobblers Knob Hill.
Moving SCR building to pump #6 on Alaska Haul Road to Prudhoe Bay.

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