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65th Anniversary of the liberation of Gronsveld World War 2 Vehicle Parade and Static-Show.

Like in 2004 the "Red Horse Re-enactmentgroup organized another WW2 vehicle parade and a staticshow on September the 13th, exact 65 years after Gronsveld's liberation in World War 2. The 2009 edition was bigger organized with 60 WW 2 vehicles, and a large staticshow. They also build an imitation of a US fieldcamp as it looked like in WW 2 to show the people how our liberators lived in those days. Those folks of the "Red Horse re-enactment group" did a hell of a job and it was awesome!!!!!!!
Early that Sunday the WW2 vehicles arrived in Gronsveld to get ready for the show. Gronsveld's mainstreet, the "Rijksweg" was closed for all traffic so the vehicles as well their drivers could be on the street safely. While their vehicles were parked up, the drivers and other people belonging to this show had a drink on the outside bar of the local café. More and more vehicles arrived during that Sunday morning. This Chevrolet was in use as transportation for the commanders of the several forces.
Memory plate of the 60th anniversary in St Mere Eglise in Normandy, France. A GMC parked up, waiting for the parade. A great restored Dodge truck.
Here you see a Dodge. Another GMC. The back of a GMC tractor.
Here you see the dash of a Willy Jeep. The dash of a GMC truck. Old WW2 motorcycle.
I have no idea what mark it was.
Also present a houwitser. But it came by truck ofcourse. Here you see the unloading of that mighty machine. All the people were waiting for the unloading of that howitzer. During the unloading the bar was empty.
And there it is. Lot's of noise. Unfortunally I can't let you hear that on a picture. This howitzer looks awesome, and is in a good shape. A parachute on the local drugstore in Gronsveld, reffering to St Mere Eglise in Normandy on June the 6th during the invasion when paratrooper John Steele of the US 82th Airbornedivision got stucked on the churchtower while landing. That saved his live, cause all his buddies be killed by enemyfire while attempting to land on the marketsquare that was full of German soldiers by coicidence due to a fire in a house on that square.
A direction-shield like in 1944. A 2009 memory-plate of Normandy. An impression of the camp in the backyard of one of the Red Horse members.
Safe camouflaged........Beer. A halftrack waiting for the parade. GMC truck.
Another tracker showed up by truck. There was even an old recruiting-poster on the wall of the pub. A halftrack parked up at the Rijksweg.
With this one behind. An empty Rijksweg when every vehicle left for the oncoming parade. The last to join the parade were these 2 trackers. They left full speed with a lot of noise and smoke.
The first one arriving during the parade was this Jeep. Nice restored bike. A Jeep with "camera-action" on board.
One of the Halftracks passing by. Looks awesome!! Another Halftrack from a different mark.
Small tracker passing by.
No idea what kind of truckmark this is. Anyone?
Looks like the nose is a GMC (Web Master)
Detail: Watch the original machine-gun on this Jeep. Looks good this tracker. Must be use on the front as transportation for munition or wounded soldiers.
Awesome looking Dodge
Nice Chevy with........ ....A Nazi-helmet. Just like in 1944 as souvenir.
Detail on this truck: The rail on the roof where a machine-gun was placed.
The last picture of the parade was this impressive back of this tank. Decoration of that day.
Impression of the static show Another impression of the static show Even the details were not forgotten on these vehicles
Huh.....This is not mine, although I'm the photographer........ Here you see how the static show looked like as taken from the second floor of my sister's house. Picture is taken in northern direction. Impression of the staticshow in southern direction
Nice detail: 1944 radio-equipement in a Jeep. Everything is restored like in WW2.
Even details as this.
As well on the other side of that vehicle.
Nice paintwork of Betty Boop The engine of one of the trucks Must be a 1944 model to. This was placed on one of the Jeeps.
Inside of a Jeep Impression of the Static show All original like this on a Willys Jeep
....Or this GMC truckplate Sleepy Nurse on one of the ambulance's Interesting load beside some of the vehicles. Although those cases are not filled with TNT, it shows the eye for details by the folks of the Red Horse!!!
Or like this one Good restored machine-gun! Plate of a Ford Jeep
Awesome details. Could have drove away straightly from a 1944 battle scene. Guess this was the opinion of the Nazi's about those trucks: Spooky. The slogan of the Red Horse Re-enactment group: "We Maintain"!! And yes, they do!!!
Love to see all those detials
Here you see a Nazi-helmet on a truck. As you look closely there's a hole in it. Probably this soldier was killed by a granate. A very sarcastic text is written on it. Just like in 1944. Picture of a halftrack-truck in front of the local drugstore. Another machine-gun can be seen here.
In the fall of 1944 the village of Gronsveld was a restcamp for the US forces. Soldiers who fighted on the frontline came to Gronsveld to rest a few days before they got back to the front. As you can see on this picture Fred Astaire made an appearance in Gronsveld to cheer up the troops. In the backyard of Red Horse member Roger Essers there was build an imitation of a militairy camp by the Red Horse members. An impression of the fuel dump. Maintenance
Maintenance Food-supply Command post
Detail shot of the command post Press tent Shooting-range
Radio post Some trucks were parked in the camp as you can see here Chapel
Radio post as seen from the inside. The post was made in a barn. Power supply Inside of the ambulance
Impression of the hospital inside a barn Another impression of the hospital Surgeon-room
Chapel Ammunition-depot. Nice collection. Sleeping place
Impression of the statics how. Another impression
There was also an act of the Andrewsisters. Ofcourse those ladies were not the real Andrewsisters, but 3 local ladies who were making a nice playback- and danceact for some 15 minutes. Awesome act ladies!!!!! The Andrew Sisters Here you see the "army-chaplain" taking pictures of the Adrew Sisters with a "1944-cam". This was my last picture of an awesome day!

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