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I would like to thank Raymond Jetten for these awesome pictures!!
This old Ford is taken in the city of Varradero. It is still in a good shape. Altough this Ford is a truck, it is in use as "bus" to transportate people in and around Varradero. Raymond took this picture of a Cuban militairy truck in the city of Matanzas. He was to late to take one of the front, and perhaps taking a frontpicture was not such a good idea........ This good looking classic Chevrolet is also taken in Matanzas. As you can see the Chevy is in use as "bus" too.
Raymond and Nicole couldn't believe their eyes when this bus passed through Matanzas. Years ago this bus was in use by the Dutch Public Services. It is still in the Dutch sheme. Even above the frontscreen you see "Groepsvervoer". That's Dutch for "grouptransportation". But I guess the driver has no idea what that means. So after it's retirement in the Netherlands, this bus started a new career in Cuba. This International is taken in the town of Trinidad. Downtown Havanna. Take a look at this awesome classic car. The hood ornament is from a 1953 Dodge, but the front badge on the hood says, "Plymouth." These cars are still business as usual in Cuba. You hardly see any new car.
Walking downtown Havanna, Raymond took a picture of this Hino. Hino is a Japanese truck make, and also represented in Cuba. This International, belonging to Servi cargo, was also taken downtown Havana. A lot of trucks downtown Havanna. That's where Raymond took a picture of this truck. I received an e-mail from Eugene from Kiev, Ukraine, who wrote me that this truck is a KrAZ 256. These trucks were made in Krementchug in Ukraine. Thank you Eugene!
Public transportation Cuban way. A awful dirty International, pulling a "bustrailer" full of passengers. Picture taken in Havanna. This International was taken downtown Havanna. Another impression of a classic car (the body is a 1952 Chevy). Picture taken in Havanna.
I would like to thank Raymond Jetten for these awesome pictures!!

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