Fred Gruin Jr. Truck Pictures
March 30, 1941 - January 2, 2017

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These pictures were taken while I was working for the U.S. D.O.T. in Western New York in the late 70's
Allied Chemicals: The vehicle, and it was missing the left fuel tank fill pipe cap, and half of one of the trailer spring assemblies broken and missing.
Melburn Truck Lines: The vehicle and a cracked wheel on the tractor
Domtar: The vehicle, and the entire braking surface of a brake drum on the full trailer broken off and missing. And look what happened to the trailer when the driver tried to drop it.
B.F. Wright - Two slides, of a maxi brake chamber on the tractor's rear axle that had broken off the bracket holding it to the axle.
Stanchem - Two slides, of a wheel on the tractor with elongated fastener holes. The truck was transporting chlorine gas in 'ton' cylinders.
McCroan - Three slides. No. 2 is an empty brake drum on the trailer - empty in that all the braking parts had ben removed. No. 3 of a cracked center spring hanger, also on the trailer.
Anderson - Three slides. The truck is pictured at the Lewiston-Queenston bridge north of Niagara Falls, destined for the Albany, NY area, 300 miles to the east. The rear of the I beam is resting on a steerable dolly, the front axle of which is not equipped with brakes, which were required in the U.S.
Gullett - Two slides, of a trailer spring with a broken and separated center spring leaf.
Highway - Two slides, of a wheel cracked in the webbing on the tractor
Avis - Two slides, of a tractor wheel with elongated fastener holes.
Letco - Two slides, of an exhaust leak on the tractor, beneath and forward of the cab.
Equipment Express - Two slides. Same day, same defect, same destination, with another carrier hauling the bridge beam.
Refrigerated Food Express - Two slides of a cracked tractor frame between the tandem.
Gateway - Two slides, of a loose wheel fastener on the trailer.
Sharpe - Two slides, of a dangling push rod on the trailer
Melburn - Two slides, of a 20' container loaded with acetylene in cylinders, and marked with a small hazardous material instead of placards.
Macon - Two slides, of a broken brake drum on the tractor, the pieces of which are flopping around inside the wheel
Wayne's - Two slides, no headerboard to keep this load of lumber from sliding forward into the cab
H & C - Two slides, of a badly worn brake hose on the tractor that ballooned when the brakes were applied.
Wheel - Two slides, of a tractor wheel with an oil seal that had leaked out, causing the hub to be white hot and smoking when stopped.
Haulmark - Two slides, of a wheel on the trailer where the brake drum had broken and the entire braking surface had fallen out.
Leaseway - Two slides, of the trailer where both brake hoses on one side had been removed after plugging the lines at the relay emergency valve.

B. J. M. - Four slides. The front trailer axle spring leaves had broken, allowing the axle to rotate.
The only thing holding the axle in place was the weight of the load of lettuce from CA.

Exolon - Two slides, of one of the sliding 5th wheel brackets with cracks.
Tilt - Two slides, of a load of plastic pipe that had shifted.
Southland Distributors - Two slides, of a broken spring on the trailer ad a large piece missing.
Broken wheel - Two slides, of a broken wheel on the trailer. The jagged metal of what was left of the wheel that was missing reminded me of the chariot race in the movie Ben Hur. I asked the driver where the wheel was and he opened the trailer door to show me.
Harting - Two slides, of a cracked aluminum wheel on the tractor
Brake hose - Two slides, of a badly worn brake hose on the tractor that was looped and rubbing on itself.
Lamco - Two slides, of the trailer where the entire leaf spring assembly is missing. Those are the U-bolts hanging down.

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