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A Sylvan IH Emeryville, yes, awesome as per his usual- it in mounted on an Athearn chassis with various details from the parts box, scratch built A/C unit on the roof with Athearn air horns, K&S aluminum stacks and a custom paint job to make this somewhat of a resto unit. A tanker from Andre Giroux and a Kindersley tridem just because it looked good!

A link to the build from the Forum.

This one is also been on the go for over 2 years, had a delay figuring out how to tilt the cab but just grabbing the bull by the horns finishes them off!! This one is a re-build of an earlier Lindberg kit.
The chassis remains the same as the original model along with fuel tanks that were scratchbuilt of aluminum tubing, six spoke Lee Town drive axle wheels (just re-painted), with A-Line Alcoa aluminum wheels now on the front replacing the Lee Town steel wheels, and air breather and exhaust re-used from the original build. The cab was stripped down, sun visor added, and repainted in the factory #82 three tone brown PSC option, and made to tilt. An awesome Ralph Ratcliffe Models 8V Detroit Diesel was modified to an 8V92TA “Silver 92” and placed into the frame rails (the reason for tilting the cab), exhaust (with Masterbilt Models heat shield), and air intake details added, stainless rear fenders from K&S sheet stock, mirrors, grab handles, and wipers all from brass rod and staples. The massive windshield was replaced using a blister pack to get the curve and flush mount and air horns from Herpa sit over the existing slots from the original undersized horns. Here is a link to the build:

A link to the build from the Forum.

Here was a build that came from a trip to Annacis Island sometime ago, seen a KW K370 with a Peterbilt of same style which after posting on the Forum, a member from Europe said they shared a cab with a DAF. Immediately I went online to find a 1/87 scale die cast which has been transformed into the KW
Can’t remember what brand this was but the die cast cab was stripped from it’s paint and painted in Humbrol buff paint. The box was replaced with a Boley van body with River Point wheels detailed and decals supplied by Christie at Graphics On Demand for the fictitious Superior Bakery

A link to the build from the Forum.

Here is another one off the bench:
Western Star 5700xe truck tractor using a Dwayne Currie resin cab casting mounted on a modified Promotex builder chassis with various details added from different sources: Athearn Alcoa rims/tires, flush mounted windshield made from a blister pack, modified interior from Tonkin, and it has the Phantom 2 factory custom paint scheme applied in a silver grey/charcoal metallic with clear coat. The trailer is a modified Tonkin bark mulch live floor trailer with upgraded tridem suspension from Promotex, A-Line wheels, and an Atlas Pines landing gear.

Here is a link to the build on the Forum

Here is another one that somehow never made it to your site?

Thi is an RMM resin cast cab of an FL70, mounted on a modified chassis to accept a lit axle. Steer axle wheels are Jacobs spoke flotation with Athaern spoke wheels on the rest, Promotex HIAB crane mounted on chassis with a Lonestar flat deck installed. The model was painted in authentic Home Hardware colours and some Graphics On Demand decals.

Here is a link to the build on the Forum.

Here is one of my projects off the bench, complete after nearly 2 years on the go........sometimes who knows what gets in the way but eventually, they get done.

Tonkin IH Prostar with modified chassis, A-Line wheels up front with Dennis Aust wheels on rear drives. The trailers are both Walthers Stoughton trailers that were shortened to 30’ converted to B-train lead units –all HH trailers are leads so they are not designated- both were sanded smooth to represent FRP units, both had side doors added with 72” spread slider axles sets. All units were then painted in authentic Home Hardware Fleet yellow obtained at Home Hardware in aerosol can. The contents were emptied out into a bottle, automotive hardener was added and sprayed out of a touch up paint gun. Christie at Graphics On Demand supplied the decals upon request.

Here is a link to the build on the Forum.

Here is the first completion for 2018, hard to believe that 1968 was 50 years ago! This one started out as a Malibu International “Real Rides” 1972 Chevy C/10 in die cast, a mold was made, castings and from there the cab, hood and some of the front fender section were used to create the bigger series truck. The interior and windows are from the original pickup. The rest of the build details can be found on the Forum.

Here is the first one off the bench so far for this year, the re-worked CAT CT660S model. It started out as a toy die cast that required a lot of work to resemble this model as you see it. Here is a link to the build process for all the details!

Here is a link to the working progress on Hank's Truck Forum.

Basically, it began as a 1’'/92 scale die cast concrete mixer from State Toy China, the dump box is one of our own castings that was fitted onto a Promotex builder chassis with a host of scratch built items and items from many sources. Painted in a automotive fleet colour for Apex Construction. Pictured with a CAT 320D excavator from Norscott.

1961 White 4000TD & 35' Brown Trailer

This is a Sylvan resin cast tractor that has front wheels from Herpa, rears from Athearn, mounted on the kit chassis with modified axle housings to free roll. Fuel tanks are rectangular from Herpa with tanks step-wells added in, all other items are kit supplied with the addition to the bumper guide posts, twin air horns from Ralph Ratcliffe, cowl mounted spot light from Riverpoint, and mud flaps (on front of drives and bumper), interior has a dash added and the flush mounted windshield. The air breather is a mixed bag of sorts, the main body is Herpa, dual intake hoses are formed from solder wire with the air cap being scratch-built.

The trailer is a Walther’s 35’ flute sided trailer that has had a curb side door added along with step, A-Line spare tire rack with a Kibri tire/rim on the rack and the stance is lowered to resemble the look of trailers of that vintage. The whole unit is painted with 1959-71 VW’s code L360 Sea Blue auto paint with various model paints for detailing.

This was a fun build, Sylvan makes awesome models, some very interesting subjects for sure!


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