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The pictures below are from the Bunzl Distribution Terminal in Philadelphia PA. Bunzl makes paper products and ships them out through Philadelphia. A few years ago, they bought out Marstan Industries which made similar products. It's convenient for me to take pictures of the trucks here because they are right behind my house.
This Mack CH is used to move trailers from the front of the terminal to the back. This is a Mack CH used for P&D around the city. All Bunzl tractors are Mack CH models. Two Mack CH tractors parked in the back end of the terminal on a weekend. The terminal is closed every weekend.
Emerson Express trailer #207 at Bunzl's terminal on the weekend. I'm not sure what it's doing here, I'm not even sure if Emerson Express even still owns this. Emerson Express trailer #207 next to #212 and a white S&H Express trailer. All the trailers parked outside the gate have their doors open during the weekend.
Inside of Emerson Express trailer #207 The box truck fleet at Bunzl. The size varies because they keep renting trucks from Penske Truck Leasing. Some trailers and a Mack unit locked up for the weekend.
Ford Penske box truck. It was only there for one day and I'm not sure if it did any work or not. Front loading dock at Bunzl locked up for the weekend. Mack CH with 53' Xtra Lease trailer.
Front view of the Mack CH. Side view of a Mack Midliner Box used for P&D. Single axle P&D trailer with a liftgate.
Xtra Lease trailer parked by itself during a normal workday. 53' trailers parked outside the back gate over the weekend. The same trailers as before only the ex-Venezia trailer is in this picture as well. Rear view of the ex-Venezia trailer.
Side view of ex-Venezia trailer Outside view of the Bunzl terminal. A Bunzl USA logo sits outside the front doors.
Bunzl/Papercraft sign on the wall of the terminal. Thank you for visiting sign as you leave the loading dock. CCX Ford L9000 with 45' trailer parked at a loading dock during a workday.
CCX Sterling with a pup trailer. NEMF truck at the loading dock. GraybaR truck getting ready to leave the terminal.
UPS Mack with a 45' trailer. Mack Vision doing P&D work for R+L Carriers. Mack CH double axle tractor with a pup trailer.
Roadway White/GMC loading up. The trailer is an old USF Dugan trailer painted over. Overnite/UPS Freight tractor trailer ready to leave. A green Freightliner FLD parked at a shopping mall. It looks pretty well kept.
A double axle box truck from J. J. Haines. Jevic International Eagle pulling an Xtra Lease 53' trailer. Keystone Freight Corp. Mack CH going deadhead. Keystone Freight Corp. is located in Norristown PA.
Mack dump truck in a shopping mall doing some construction work. GEO Volvo parked outside of a Rite Aid.

Every summer I go down to Oklahoma to visit some family. The interstates are frought with trucks so I took many pictures.
ABF Mack Vision pulling doubles on I-70 in Indiana. Same ABF Mack Vision. Blue International Eagle seen from the World's Largest McDonald's.
Blue Peterbilt 379 pulling a tanker along I-70. A really nice Kenworth W900 I saw at a reststop in the mountains in Pennsylvania. I would have taken some more shots of it but it was pouring rain. The lineup around the W900.
A Kenworth W900 pulling a spread-axle reefer trailer through Ohio. A Peterbilt 379 hauling for D.J.&P. Transportation. CCX Sterlings making their way down I-70.
CCX Freightliner pulling doubles rolling down I-70. Two more CCX Sterlings I saw. CCX Sterling pulling doubles with no side decals.
Conway Sterling pulling doubles. I believe it's a CCX tractor because of the stripes on the door, but it isn't in writing. A field in Marshall Illinois full of old trailers. There's a Super 8 Motel my family and I used to stop at since it's half way to my destination. Now that it takes three days, we don't stop there anymore. I mainly wanted to take pictures of the old CF and Preston trailers in there. CFI T600 from Missouri on I-44.
CSE hauling doubles. First time I've seen a CSE unit. This was taken from the World's Largest McDonald's. Another CSE Sterling with doubles. One labeled, and one not. This was also taken from the World's Largest McDonald's. CSE Sterling hauling doubles.
CSE Sterling taken from the parking lot of the McDonald's as I was leaving. Mixed doubles from Estes since they acquired GI trucklines. A Benefit Volvo was pulling the two pups.
I saw it again one last time waiting for my lunch. FedEx Freight KW T800 pulling doubles. FedEx Express Freightliner FLD taken in Ohio along I-70.
Front view of another FedEx Express truck. Another KW T800 pulling for FedEx Freight. Kenworth T800 in Missouri doing its job.
Kenworth T800 pulling doubles about to head under the World's Largest McDonald's. This KW T800 was right behind it. FedEx Freight Volvo in the old colors pulling doubles.
FedEx Freight Volvo still in AF colors pulling a 45' trailer in Missourri. FedEx Freight Volvo in its AF colors hauling doubles. A new Volvo pulling doubles.
Another FedEx Freight Volvo. FedEx Ground terminal near Springfield Missourri. FedEx Ground racing hauler on I-70.
Chevy pickup pulling the trailer. International at a Pennsylvania rest area. Mack Oversize load with a huge dump truck.
Mack Vision tanker along I-70. Lineup outside the World's Largest McDonald's. When we stayed over at the Red Roof Inn, an Overnite bobtail pulled into the lot, so I took this picture.
Another angle of the same truck. Later that night two more came in, an International double axle and a twin to this Volvo. However it was late and I wasn't going to go out in the rain to take the pictures. New Volvo model pulling doubles. International Eagle from Overnite/UPS Freight pulling a flatbed trailer with 3 White/GMC Overnite daycabs. They had just relabled the White/GMC's with the UPS Freight logo.
Oversize load along I-70. The KW T600 hauling the Oversize load. A Swift Transportation tractor trailer moves past a FedEx ground doubles unit on I-70
A nice Peterbilt 379 with an empty flatbed at a Missourri rest area. Another Peterbilt 379 pulled into the rest stop with a load of hay. There are some sharp looking trucks out on the highways. I drove past this Peterbilt 379 with the words "Piggin' Out" on the top of the sleeper in the rear. It's color scheme of lime green and purple was also a vibrant feature.
R+L International Eagle pulling doubles. Another R+L International Eagle pulling doubles. Red Peterbilt 379 pulling into a Pennsylvania rest area.
Roadway Express Sterling pulling doubles through Ohio. Roadway Express Volvo sleeper pulling doubles. Roadway Sterling at a gas station in Illinois.
A close up of the same Sterling. I thought this might have been the same as the Sterling I saw in Ohio, but when I looked at the bumpers of the two, they have different numbers. Striking similarities in appearance though. U.S. Xpress Volvo pulled over by a police officer. A Sodel Truck Lines Mack daycab moves through Indianapolis in the afternoon.
Peterbilt 379 speeds by with a tanker down I-44. An older Volvo speeding down I-44 in Missouri.

Some Miscellaneous Pictures I've Taken
USF Holland White/GMC pulling a long box in Philadelphia PA. A new USF Holland Volvo which was following the older White/GMC. Roadway Express IHC pulling a pup.
Roadway Express Ford Aeromax formerly owned by ABF. The logo on the door was low down so I could see the old ABF insignia. UPS Sterling with those neat Indiana plates. I took this at a rest stop on the PA Turnpike. UPS Mack CH parked at the loading dock.
Overnite/UPS Freight IHC leaving the loading dock. White/GMC with an older long box doing some P&D work. Overnite FL-70 box truck. I haven't seen many of these.
Old New England Motor Freight IHC. First time I've ever seen an IHC of this kind with the NEMF logos and with an Eastern trailer. NEMF Ford L9000 with an older long box. NEMF Mack CH with an Easter trailer.
Mack CH from NEMF with a long box. A. Duie Pyle Mack CH about to cross the Walt Whitman Bridge from Camden, NJ into Philadelphia, PA. FedEx Freight Volvo in AF colors coming down Route 42 in New Jersey.
FedEx Freight Kenworth T300 coming out of a loading dock on the street near my neighborhood. Volpe Express truck leaving the loading dock. Volpe Express truck parked in the back parking lot at my school.
Sharp looking Volpe Express IHC. Volpe Dedicated Freightliner Columbia pulling a long box with a curbside door. Freightliner Century FedEx Ground sleeper unit parked behind a McDonald's near my neighborhood. It's not the most well kept FedEx Ground tractor I've seen back there, as a lot of the drivers park there tractors there for about 2 days.
Unlabeled Kenworth T2000 pulling doubles on a highway I can't remember the name of. I was told it might be an ex-Steven's Transport. Pitt Ohio Mack CH coming in the opposite direction. Sygma truck pulling out of a toll booth.
New Journey Recycling Mack Vision in the truck lane on the highway we were on. New Century Kenworth T600 coming up the street near my school. Red Mack Vision bobtail with a sleeper.
Kenworth W900 that we passed on Route 42. It's pipes were so loud, I heard it before I saw it come off the exit ramp. Swift Freightliner Columbia sleeper at a rest stop off the PA Turnpike. Swift Volvo parked in a shopping center near my friend's house.
Bekins Peterbilt 379 taking a quick break at a rest area. Bekins Peterbilt 377 came in right after the 379 left. Kenworth W900 with a spread-axle reefer. I really like how it came out in the sunset.
Peterbilt 379 fueling next to the bus I was riding. Peterbilt 379 owned by a guy around the corner from my cousin's house in Clementon NJ. He used to own a Navistar and that was hooked to containers usually. I guess he bought this to replace it. Old CF trailer I shot in Ada, OK. I wonder who owns this? It's full of lawn furniture and it's been there every year I went down there.

Some miscellaneous ABF pictures

Pictures from across America
ABF Sterling pulling a set of mixed triples eastbound on I-80 in Ohio ABF Sterling with a set of doubles eastbound on I-40. The lead pup is a ragtop. CCX Sterling with a matching set of Con-Way Freight triples eastbound on I-80 in Ohio.
A classic look to CSE. This was taken in Missourri, CSE was going westbound on I-44. CWX Sterling pulling a mixed set of triples northbound on I-25 near Denver, CO at exit 240. Estes sleeper tractor with mixed doubles leaving a truckstop in Arizona.
Estes IH 8600 with a set of mixed doubles going westbound on I-70 in Illinois. Kenworth T660 pulling FedEx Ground double westbound on I-40 through New Mexico. FedEx Freight West Kenworth T800 with a set of doubles eastbound on I-40 in New Mexico.
FedEx National LTL with a set of mixed doubles on I-40 WB in Texas. Old Dominion FL Columbia with a rare Priority pup! I took this in Wisconsin along I-90. He was heading south. Old Dominion team sleeper with a set of doubles in Arizona heading west.
R+L IH 9400 with a matching set of triples EB on I-80 in Indiana. Roadway Express Volvo westbound on I-80 at the PA/Ohio border. Roadway Volvo pulling an old long box northbound on I-25 near Denver.
Saia Volvo with doubles climbing a hill WB on I-40 in Texas. Older Saia Volvo with a "The Connection" long box, a company they acquired. UPS Mack Vision with a set of turnpike doubles westbound on I-80 in Indiana.
UPS IH 9400 with a matching set of triples EB on I-80 in Indiana. UPS IH 9400 with a matching set of triples WB on I-40 in Texas. Motor Cargo IH 9100 with a mixed set of pups WB on I-40 in New Mexico.
Overnite Freightliner Columbia with a set of doubles WB on I-40 in New Mexico. USF Bestway, now Reddaway, Freightliner FLD pulling doubles on the Arizona/New Mexico border EB on I-40. The end pup is an ex-USF Dugan. USF Holland IH 9400 with a set of turnpike doubles EB on I-80.
Yellow Volvo VNL with a set of triples. Although the logos do match, all 3 trailers are of different makes. Yellow Freightliner Columbia sleeper team with doubles EB on I-40 in New Mexico.

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