Ken Goudy Decal Samples

Sample Decals Applied to 1/87 scale Ulrich Model Trucks by Ron Christman, using Ken Goudy's Decals
Garrett Freightlines Kenworth truck and trailer. Denver & Chicago Kenworth, and two different versions of the PIE logo with Kenworth tractors. PIE Kenworth and Cooper-Jarett Mack.

Sample Decals Applied to a Smith Miller Mack, using Ken Goudy's Decals. These are larger decals.
Smith Miller Mack model
Sample Decals Applied to a 1/16th scale All American Toy Company Kenworth, using Ken Goudy's Decals. These are larger decals.

The model is a custom built All American Toy of Salem Oregon. Painted to order. Decals by owner Ken Goudy Jr Oregon City, Oregon.

This model represents semi similar to one operated in 1947 by Lee & Eastes Auto Freight between Seattle and Yakima Washington. The tractor is a 1947 Kenworth. Jim Simmons customizer in Cheshire Oregon did a custom chain tailgate and marker lights on trailer and wood floor decking inside to look like oak planking inside of van. Decals by myself and installed just last sunday afternoon. Photographed thursday as we had a nice sunny day.

Ken grew up around these real trucks and loved making trips in them with his father and some other drivers at Yakima. Ken is the author of Overnite While You Sleep books which tell of trucking in the Pacific Northwest. Ken also manufactures decals for model trucks representing carriers of days past and some of newer days too.

The driver is being stalked by a rare Oregon Carver Mountain Cat.
Fortunately the cat found something else to snoop around and left the scene.

Sample Decals Applied to 1/87 scale Model Trucks by Bob Sundstrom, using Ken Goudy's Decals
LASME Kenworth truck and trailer. System 99/Watson Bros, and Western Gillette, ONC, and IML triples.
Western Gillette Kenworth CBE Wyoming Freightways Kenworth doubles, Lee & Eastes and Coast Truck Lines Kenworth truck and trailer, ICX doubles.
These were made up to a larger size. Trailer is about 10 inches long. Tractor is German Opal Blitz model.
Here are pictures of the completed Day & Ross International Eagle and trailer.
The trailer is a Utility, the correct one that Moznik uses. I made the suspension out of Lonestar's air ride kit using 2 kits and made a 72" slider frame to set them on. Thermo King decals are from Pen Bay and the rest are A-Line with the exception of the Moznik decal with is from Ken Goudy.
Here are pictures of Jim's completed Moznik Trucking Freightliner FLD120 with the new modified Moznik decals made by Ken Goudy.

The first pictures are of Jim's Ford LT 9000 with a modified Atlas frame to accept the long hood/cab conversion. The bumper is scratch built and molded for future use. Other details include mirrors, wipers and grab handles from staples, air horns from sprues, mud flaps and quarter fenders. Wheels are from A-Line.

The trailer is Herpa/Promotex's 48' modified to resemble a Trailmobile. Suspension is from an Ertl flat bed made to slide and wheels are from Walthers resin. Decals are thanks to Ken Goudy!

Robert Ortiz is a good customer for Western Gillette decals and Cantlay and Tanzola tankers and Roadway
Here is a photo of Robert's rig he drives for Roadway when he is not building model trucks
A photo of a new model by Steve Hamm of Moses Lake WA using my Lee and Eastes Tanks Lines decals

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