Gordon Henry Truck Pictures
November 22, 1918 - February 28, 2014
Gordon was 95 when he passed away
In Loving Memory of Gordon Henry
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Overland Freight
Overland Freight GMC. That is Gordon Henry sitting on the fender. Overland Freight International cabover. This was an army surplus truck. That is Henry Suderman Sr. standing next to the truck. Overland Freight White tractor trailer unit.
Russell Stallard Trucking
This International KB11 was purchased from Bralorn Mines. These pictures show a White which belonged to Russell Stallard. The company was purchased by Overland Freight. These pictures were taken in Chilliwack, BC.
Gallagher Transportation Ltd
G.T. Henry
This was Gordon Henry's first truck that he purchased.
Vancouver - Penticton Freight Lines

This picture of a Vancouver - Pentiction Freight Lines International was taken in Keromeus, BC.
Vancouver - Penticton Freight Lines was sold to Expressway Truck Lines. Expressway eventually became a part of CP Transport.
Vancouver - Penticton Freight Lines Diamond T.
Cottrells Truck Line
These pictures were all taken around Hope, BC Cottrell's International taken along the Fraser River at Hope, BC. Slim Murdock and an unidentified person taken next to a Cottrell International.
Cottrell International KB with a tag axle.
Pacific Inland Express (PIX)PIX Logo
Ted Morgan standing in front of his PIX Peterbilt. PIX Peterbilt photo was taken at Spokane, WA.
PIX Hayes taken at Calgary, Alberta. PIX Freightliner taken at Hope, BC near Gordon's home. PIX Freightliner taken at Spokane, WA.
PIX Diamond T. Apparently the drivers did not like driving the truck. Doug Dickson standing in front of this PIX Canadian Kenworth.
PIX reunion held at Cloverdale, BC.
Gill Interprovincial Lines Ltd. (G.I.L.L)
Bob Bradley standing next to a GILL Kenworth Bullnose. The photo was taken in Minnesota. GILL Kenworth taken at Fort William, Ontario. The person on left is "Pee Wee" Gill.
Millar & Brown
Millar & Brown rig taken along the Trans Canada Highway near Abbotsford, BC. Millar & Brown Kenworth taken somewhere in the Okanagan.
Don Skea and Neil Martin standing next to a Millar & Brown Kenworth at Hope, BC. Some winter shots of a Millar & Brown Kenworth taken along the Hope - Princeton Highway in BC.
Dave Taylor and another driver posing by two Millar & Brown Kenworths. Gordon Henry standing next to his Millar & Brown Kenworth. Gordon standing next to his Millar & Brown Kenworth. The photo was taken at their Burnaby, BC terminal.
Gordon Henry standing next to his Millar & Brown Kenworth. This photo was taken during the winter of 1973/74. The Fraser Canyon Highway was totally shut down due to the snow. Another picture of the trucks that were stranded in Hope due to the driving conditions in the Fraser Canyon Highway.
Millar & Brown were merged into Direct System. Here are some of their Freightliner taken in the 80's. Millar & Brown reunion.
Banner Transport
Gordon drove for Banner Transport. Here are some pictures of their Western Stars. The company was owned by Bob Louden.
These restored Chev pickups belong to Bob Louden.
After Gordon's retirement, he drove this International cabover for Bob McQueen, who was contracted to haul for Weldwood.
Shadow Lines - Mountain Pacific
Gordon drove this Ford cabover for Jack Tanche who was contracted by Shadow Lines.
Miscellaneous Truck Pictures
Bob Bradley standing next to a Country Freight Ford. Country Freight once was quite large in BC and eventually it was broken up into areas which covered most of southern BC. Some areas in the Okanagan was taken over by Canadian Freightways, the Cranbrook area was taken over by Millar & Brown, Vancouver-Merritt took over the Merrit area, and Public Freightways took over the run from Chilliwack to Vancouver.
When Gordon was driving for McLeod's Truck Lines, he was making 6 trips per week from Sardis to Vancouver. He was making $100 per month. McLeod's hauling dairy products for Dairyland (Fraser Valley Milk Producers Assoc.) in the 50's.
Dodge truck that looks like it could have been a milk truck used to haul the mild cans from the farmers to the dairy plant at Sardis, BC. Doyle Draying Diamond T,"The Shamrock Line" from somewhere in California. The photo shows the truck fueling up.
This photo shows a company made truck used for logging. The truck was built by the Clark Brothers, who hauled logs from Harrison Lake. Gordon drove for Canadian Freightways. This truck is used by Okanagan Freightways, which was a division of CF. This is a promo shot for Pacific Intermountain Express (PIE) from Oakland, CA. This picture came from a calendar or magazine.
Gordon drove for the Texaco dealership in Chilliwack, BC Here are some photos of the Ford used by Texaco. Unidentified Autocar tanker.
Rural Truck Lines and City Transfer Federal taken from a magazine article. Diamond T dump truck taken at Chilliwack, BC. Triangle Transport Mercury truck taken at Hope, BC.
STL Transport LTD Ford used to haul containers. Green Line Freightliner conventional Kenworth owned by Gordon Headman.
Bus Pictures
Gallagher Transportation Western Flyer. Gallagher Transportation Western Flyer taken at Mt. Baker, WA on a ski run.
Henry's Charter Lines MCI Henry's Charter Lines MCI taken at Allison Pass on a ski run. These MCI's had Hallscott gas engines.
Gordon Henry standing in front of his MCI. Gordon Henry owned this bus line that ran from Hope to Vancouver.
This was the last new bus that Gordon purchased. It was a Western Flyer. The bus line was called Columbia Stage Lines. The Reo bus was purchased new to run from Chilliwack to Vancouver.
BC Ministry of Forestry

Gordon's last job before retiring was with the BC Forestry. Here are some pictures of the trucks and loads they had.

Gordon's Retirement Party

Here are some pictures of Gordon's retirement party, when he retired from the Forestry.

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