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This group of pictures Dennis received from the American Trucking Association (ATA) in the 1960's.

GMC Diesel Tractor in the picture is Model DF-862, 190 horsepower, and weighs 12,000 pounds. It is one type of power unit for hauling trailers in intercity service.

Fruehauf Trailer in the picture is an aluminum cargo capacity of 2,200 cubic feet. This trailer, fully loaded can carry over 30,000 pounds of cargo...about half a million candy bars, for example.

McLean Trucking Company
The pictured tractor/trailer was part of the McLean-Hayes fleet of over 3,000 units of mobile equipment, made up of 989 tractors, 1,860 trailers, and 233 local pick-up-and-delivery trucks at the time of the photo.

McLean Trucking Company was founded in 1934. On January 6, 1958, McLean became the first trucking company in the nation to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On January 1, 1960, Hayes Freight Lines, Inc. became a subsidiary and was operated as a Division of McLean Trucking Company.

Mack Single Axle Tractor
180 horsepower, diesel powered engine with a 10 speed transmission. Cab tilts forward to expose engine for servicing.

Gindy Tandem Axle Trailer
40 feet in length and 12.5 feet high from the ground. This trailer has a capacity of more that 2,350 cubic feet.

The equipment in the picture was part of a fleet of various types and makes operated by Central Motor Lines, Inc., of Charlotte, NC.

Central Motor Lines, Inc. was incorporated in North Carolina in 1936. When this picture was taken, Central operated over 800 pieces of equipment serving cities and town, large and small, in the two Carolinas, and also in Deleware.

International DCOF-405
Interstate had 832 of these "power plants" at the time that this picture was taken. The 218 horsepower V-6 diesel engine was governed to turn 2000 rpm's giving a top speed of 65 mph. The tractor had a 10-speed transmission and weighed about 11,000 pounds. Its wheelbase was 140 inches and the tilt-front cab was placed over the engine for easy servicing. Interstate also used tractors made by Autocar, Brockway, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, International Harvester, Mack, Reo, and White.

The Trailer
At the time of this photo, Interstate System had 2,405 trailers, 781 of these were 40 feet long, like the one in this photo, capable of carrying 42,000 pounds of freight. These trailers weighed about 11,5000 pounds. Interstate System used trailers made by Brown, Fruehauf, Highway, Kentucky, Strick and Trailmobile.

Interstate System was located in Grand Rapids, Michigan as was at one time the fifth largest trucking company in the United States. The company had 70 terminals and over 4,000 employees. Its 4,100 vehicles logged over a million miles every week between the Atlantic Seaboard and the Rocky Mountains. By several arrangements with other motor carriers, (Garrett Freightlines being one of them), Interstate serviced the West Coast and other points in the nation.

GMC Single Axle Tractor
192 horsepower, diesel engine with a five speed transmission and a two speed rear axle. This tractor had a aluminum frame, cab was made of fiberglass. The cab tilts forward for exposing engine.

Kentucky Tandem Axle Trailer
35 foot open top trailer, which could be loaded from the top or the rear doors. Body was built of aluminum to reduce the gross weight and increase the pay load.

Kramer Brothers Freight Lines, Inc.
Founded in 1922, Kramer Bros. was headquartered in Detroit and their units directly served 10 states on interstate traffic with 19 terminals handling all types of commodities. By connecting-line arrangements, Kramer Bros. was able to serve many other points in the nation. The unit in the picture was one of 466 trucks and tractors, and 700 trailers or various types operated by Kramer Bros. Freight Lines, Inc.

GMC Single Axle Tractor
This tractor is powered with a V-Type six cylinder engine. The tractor was equipped with a sliding fifth wheel for the purpose of shifting more weight to the steering axle and taking it off the drive axles in order to conform to the allowable axle weights in the various states and allow for a maximum amount of cargo.

40 Foot Highway Trailer
At the time of this photo, Hawkeye was modernizing their fleet. Fifty percent of the highway semi-trailers had been replaced with the latest type Volume Vans constructed of aluminum, 40 feet in length with 2400 cubic feet of loading space. Each trailer was equipped with tandem axles, which could be moved from the extreme rear of the trailer to a position 72 inches forward with six inch positions for the purpose of balancing a load, by throwing more or less weight on the power unit as the case may have required.

Hawkeye Motor Express, Inc.
The Hawkeye Motor Express, Inc. was started June 2, 1932, with one small tractor and one semi-trailer 16 feet in length. When the Motor Carrier Act was inacted in 1935, Hawkeye was issued certificate No. M.C. 62142 by the ICC. This certificate authorized common carrier service, general commodities over regular routes between Chicago, Illinois and the Chicago Commercial Zone and several Iowa points with offices and terminals at Chicago, Illinois, Cedar Rapids and Ottumwa, Iowa.

At the time of this photo, Hawkeye had 72 units, including 32 tractors, 44 semi-trailers and 10 straight trucks were required to perform the service. To combat the ever increasing traffic problem and better expedite the pick up and delivery service, all power units in the Chicago area were equipped with two-way radios which made it possible for the dispatchers to contact any unit instantly at any time of the day.

International DCOF-405
Shown in the picture was one of Killion's newest fleet additions.The tractor was powered by a 250 Cummins Diesel Engine with tandem tractor drive and 5-speed transmission. Killion's complete fleet consisted of 65 tractor units, including GMC and International cab over engine, 180 HP gasoline powered tractors.

The Trailer Unit
Killion Motor Express had a total of 102 trailer units including open tops for accomodation of bulk freight and self contained refridgerated units for perishable meats and foods. The trailers were 40 feet in length and had a capacity of 47,000 pounds, where these weights were allowed. The trailers were all purpose carriers handling miscellaneous heavy and light freight and general commodities. Killion also has a fleet of 15 small trucks handing inter city pick-up and delivery to and from the main terminal.

Killion Motor Express, Inc.
Killion was founded in 1921 in Washington, Indiana. Since that time Killion had expanded to establish major points in Louisville, Knoxville, and St. Louis, and served these with direct line service as well as many smaller terminal points along the route. Killion Motor Express operated in 5 states with nation wide connecting points from each major terminal.

GMC Single Axle Tractor
This tractor had a 189 horsepower diesel engine with a 5 speed transmission and 2 speed differential. This truck was one of some 1200 tractors and 2500 trailers made by various manufacturers used by the Norwalk Truck Lines fleet.

Fruehauf Tandem Axle Trailer
The trailer was 40 feet in length and over 12 feet high from the ground. More than 1,100 boxed if canned goods, medicine, pencils, or most any kind of dry freight measuring 2 square feet in size could fit into this trailer.

Norwalk Truck Lines Inc.
The company served only the state of Ohio. The company, at the time of the picture, had direct service to ten states and connections with other truck companies to any point in the nation.

In addition to the truck shown here, Norwalk Truck Lines had several hundred straight trucks at 42 terminal locations for pick-up and delivery of freight at its origin and destination.

Norwalk Truck Lines would eventually be bought out by Buckingham Transport.

GMC Single Axle Tractor
This tractor was one of a 650 unit fleet.

Trailmobile Tandem Axle Trailer
This trailer was a 40 foot tandem axle dry van trailer.

Michigan Express, Inc.
MX had a network of 21 offices and terminals and was closely coordinated by more than 500 trained employees. Over 90% of the 460,000 tons of freight annually shipped (over 9 million miles) was delivered the next day.

International Tandem Axle Tractor
225 horsepower, V8, gasoline powered engine with an 8 speed transmission. This truck was one of some 40 tractors and 45 trailers used by Maiers & Sons Motor Freight in its daily operations.

Usually carried were canned goods, castings, carburetors, wire and a great variety of other types of dry freight.

Maiers & Sons Motor Break
Maiers & Sons Motor Freight as founded in 1913 with a horse and wagon and served only the local business community of Mayville. At the time of this photo, the Company served some 75 communities bounded on the South by Detroit, North by Cass City, East by Marlette, and the West by Saginaw-Bay City and had connections with other truck companies to any point in the nation.

In addition to the truck shown here, Maiers & Sons Motor Freight had special equipment for picking up and delivering in large cities that was equipped with 2-way radios.

International Single Axle Tractor
220 horsepower, Diesel powered engine with a 10-speed transmission. The cab tilts forward to expose the engine for convenience in servicing.

This truck was one of 30 tractors and 45 trailers made by International and Dorsey, used by the Pan American Van Lines fleet.

Dorsey Tandem Axle Trailer
40 feet in length and 12.5 feet high from the ground. More than 3,000 cubic feet of household goods or most any kind of dry freight.

Pan American Van Lines
The company was founded in 1934 with one truck and served only the state of New York. The company, at the time of this photo, had direct service to 33 states and connections with other truck companies to any point in the nation.

In addition to the truck shown here, Pan American Van Lines had special containers for household goods and electric equipment or shipment to all parts of the free world.

International Single Axle Tractor
This tractor is an International Harvester, DCO-405, "Emeryville." It is powered by a 220 horsepower Diesel engine with a 10 speed Road Ranger transmission. The cab tilts forward hydrolically to expose the engine for servicing. In a period of one year, it travelled over 100,000 miles.

Tandem Axle Trailer
This is a 40-foot Fruehauf trailer and 13.25 feet high overall. It contained 2,800 cubic feet of cargo space with full rear door opening to facilitate loading palletized shipments.

Dieckbrader Express, Inc.
Dieckbrader was founded in 1930 with two trucks. At the time of this photo, it was one of the major carriers specializing in serving the Packaging Industry. This truck in the photo, was one of 130 tractors and 300 trailers made by various manufacturers used by Diechbrader Express, Inc.

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