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Transport Papineau operated an LTL operation which used the orange and green livery and International truck load operation which used the blue and white. Transforce purchased Transport Papineau. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Transport Papineau trailers with their orange and green livery on nose.
Doug McKenzie's Comments:

Mirabel Leasing of St. Jerome Quebec was also owned by Papineau Transport. Part of their operation was to provide equipment for Rolland Paper, also of St. Jerome Quebec. At Rolland, all of the equipment was leased from Papineau and the drivers were leased from an outside-sourced personel agency - probably this is where Papineau US originated from.

I drove this particular Kenworth for a short time in the summer of 1978 - until it was replaced with a brand-new S-Series International from McCleave Leasing here in Ontario.

The Kenworth was pretty well equipped for it's day: A Cummins NTC-350 engine, 13-speed Roadranger transmission and 44,000 lb rear axles on Kenworth's own "Big 6" inverted spring and rod suspension. Nightly the truck would haul payloads in excess of 70,000 lbs of roll stock between Scarborough Ontario and Brockville Ontario where it switched with a truck out of St. Jerome Quebec. During the day it delivered finished paper to customers in the Toronto area.

Of particular note, the truck was also featured in Truck Tracks sometime in 1978 - in an article written about Canadian trucking by Colin Peck.

For it's size and heaviness, the Kenworth proved particularly adept at city work - once you became used to it's foibles. Everyone who used it enjoyed driving it and for a couple, there were no dry eyes the night it made it's trip back to Quebec when replaced by the International (not me, though). I believe it was eventually assimilated into the Papinea Transport fleet, for I remember seeing it once or twice in St. Jerome a year or two after I left Rolland Paper in Scarborough.

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