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Mexican Produce Trucks
A collection of photographs of Mexican produce trucks taken in the middle 80's in Nogales, AZ, where the Mexican winter produce is transferred to US trucks.

Belair red and yellow gold Famsa tractors with Ramirez ice bunker blowers in Nogales, AZ 1986. Famsa tractors were based on International F2575 cabs and hoods. Mora Famsa tractor with sleeper in Nogales, AZ 1987. Green Tricar Famsa with old Ramirez trailer and extra large bumper in Nogales, AZ 1986.
Tricar Ramirez tractor no. 14 with Ramirez trailer. The bulge in the door was designed to allow a driver to be able to lay across both seats to rest. Nogales, AZ 1986. Tricar Ramirez tractor no. 45 with Ramirez trailer. Nogales, AZ 1986. Blue Ramirez tractor with Ramirez trailer with ice bunker blower with vents open. Nogales, AZ 1986.
Silver late model Ramirez R22 in Nogales, AZ 1986. Dina 800 was manufactured uses parts and technical assistance from International. Nogales, AZ 1986. Ramirez R200 in Nogales 1986 with old ice bunker blower trailer.
Line up of Dina tractor for the same fleet at a produce broker in Nogales, AZ 1986. Line up on Mexican manufactured tractors in Nogales, AZ 1986. From left Kenmex Kenworth, Famsa, Ramirez, and Dina 800. Note two trailers have ice bunker blowers. Dina 800 with Roca trailer equipped with an ice bunker blower. Nogales, AZ 1986.
Dina 861 in like new condition. Nogales, AZ 1986. Dina 861 with heavy duty grain trailer. Trailer has a triaxle, dual landing gear and heavy duty sides.
Mexican Famsa trucks are basically International 1800 models. With the large size of their bodies over loading is very common.
Mexican Mack with a very small sleeper that may have been added later in the tractors life. Mexican White 9000 with Autocar cab and shuttered grill was almost always an LTL carrier power unit. After being exported a small sleeper has been added. Mexican Kenmex Kenworth is part of very well appointed fleet. All Mexican trucks photographed in the late 1980's in Nogales, AZ.
Mexican truck lineup International truck taken in Mexico White Western Star
Mexican KenMex reefer Rameriz reefer

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