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Kingsway History
Kingsway history from Don Querciagrossa

Kingsway Transport
A Kingway trailer before they were sold. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Kingsway Ford Aeromax taken just before the merger with Motorways in Toronto early 90's. These were brand new and had not been in service. Notice the Dayton wheels in 1991. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Kingsway International F2575. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Kingsway Mack F Model. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Kingsway covered wagon trailer Dearborn, MI 1984. Kingsway International F2575 with covered wagon trailer Toronto 1982.
Kingsway was a major carrier in Canada. The eastern portion was sold to Cabano, hence the name Cabano Kingsway. They also operated a full truckload carrier called Servall. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Kingsway Calgary terminal. What a beautiful terminal facility with large offices and shop. I believe it was a regional office and break bulk freight hub terminal of all of Western Canada. These photographs were taken after the merger with Motorways. Note the mixed set of pups, a Kingsway and a Motorways in the center picture.
Here are a couple of pictures, one of my father in 1986 in his Ford 9000 before leaving for Toronto from Windsor. My Father's name is Marcel Delisle and was domiciled out of Windsor, Ontario. The other picture is that of Kingsway Transports employee handbook I came across in some things at my Mom's house. My father worked for Kingsway for Over 35 years and had 3 million accident free miles before retiring in 1992. -- Patrick Delisle and Family

Consolidated Fastfrate
For some information of Consolidated Fastfrate, check out their History


McNeil was an LTL carrier that operated between Montreal and Toronto with intermediate points. Taken at Toronto terminal in late early 80's. Don Querciagrossa Collection. McNeil-McGrath Consolidated Frastfrate trailer. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Fastfrate trailer. This is a forwarder that came under the same umbrella as Kingsway with similar badge styles.
Annotation by Rob Archer

McNeil was based in Brockville, Ontario, and were amalgamated with McGrath of Burlington. They were run under the Consolidated Fast Freight banner as McNeil-McGrath.

Cabano Kingsway


Cabano Freightliner with Beauce Express trailer, a company they purchased. They are now called Cabano Kingsway and are the largest LTL carrier in Eastern Quebec and Maritimes. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Cartier Transport was one of 6 companies purchased and operated by Epeditex, LTD. They concentrated their operations along the St. Lawrence from Montreal to the East. All of their companies had the same livery except for the name. They were purchased by Cabano Transport in 1988. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Transport Papineau operated an LTL operation which used the orange and green livery and International truck load operation which used the blue and white. Transforce purchased Transport Papineau. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
This Cabano Kingsway city unit has several Transforce liveries. The tractor is painted Cabano Kingsway, the trailer Papineau but the roll up door is from McGill. Mississauga ON June 2003. Robert Archer Collection.

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