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Inter-City Truck Lines
Reimer purchased a carrier named Inter-City Truck Lines of Toronto. They mainly operated in Ontario and into Quebec. Reimer never did merge with them and finally shut them down.

Annotation by Rob Archer

Inter City Truck Lines was a major Ontario LTL carrier. It's authority ran from Windsor to Toronto, Toronto to North Bay and Sudbury and Toronto to Montreal. Inter-City bought TRANS CANADA HIGHWAY EXPRESS for the authority Toronto & Montreal to MB, SK and AB. They bought FLEET EXPRESS for the rights between Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. (personal observations : I worked for Diversey Canada in 1973. Diversey used Inter City to ship to all the western warehouses, a fullload to Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. The Inter City driver was there (Diversey's warehouse in Clarkson ) 4 days per week. Inter City must have hauled a lot of parts for General Motors as all their tractors were GMC's.

After US deregulation, Inter City resurrected the Trans Canada (Truck Lines) name and hired owner operators to run full loads, US 48 states to Ontario and Quebec.

Here is an Inter-City White Western Star pulling a Reimer trailer. Photograph taken in Montreal in 1991. The middle and right picture show the trucks before they were purchased by Reimer Express. Most of their trucks were GMC.
Inter-City International F2575 in Toronto in the late 1970's. Inter-City Truck Lines GMC P&D tractor in Detroit 1983. Inter-City Truck Lines GMC Astro.
Trans Canada Mack R Model from owner-operator in Windsor 1984. Trans Canada was part of Inter-City Truck Lines.
Inter-City Truck Lines Montreal terminal with a unique GMC Brigadier with an add on sleeper after purchase by Reimer 1991. Don Querciagrossa Collection.

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