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CP Transport

This Canadian Pacific Express Kenworth is from the early 1970's. The CP Transport Shops in Toronto were built in the 1980's. Smith Transport/CP Transport GMC Astro taken in 1976 near London, Ontario.
Here is an old INTERLINK trailer used for storage in Toronto. Interlink was the final operating company of the CP Transport LTL operation. Robert Archer Collection.

Annotation by Rob Archer

In the early 60's, Smith was the biggest LTL carrier in Canada. They weren't in the same league as PIE or CF by any means. They were owned by the Candian Pacific Railway. I recall that in the winter, the local radio station had road reports from Smith Transport for road conditions throughout the province.

Smith Transport(US) was a separate company, it had authority into the New York- New Jersey area from Alexandria Bay NY. That is just a few miles east of Kingston (get out that road atlas) at the Thousand Islands Bridge. When I started in the Customs Brokerage business in the spring of '74, we had a client that used Smith(US) from New Jersey, interlined with Smith Transport at ALex Bay into Toronto. There was another Smith (US) in Buffalo. It was an interline carrier for US shipments to Canada.

Smith was the dominant carrier on the Toronto-Montreal corridor. They had a large terminal in downtown Kingston. My Grandma lived in a town in Quebec near Ottawa called Lachute. I remember seeing Smith rigs all the time when we were going down to visit her. I recall they had White conventionals, B model Macks and International Emeryville COEs.

Deluxe was a subsidiary that they put their moving authorities (PCV Class H licenses) under.

In 1967 (Canada's Centennial year) they put their full load (PCV Class C licenses) into a separate company called Highland Transport.

Smith had the largest open PCV Class A ( LTL on named routes and from and between named towns) license in Ontario.

CPR also had a large express organization (REA Express had a very small opeartion in Canada) that they amalgamated with Smith Transport to form Canadian Pacific Express and Transport (CPET)

They decided in the late 1980's that the trucking was'nt adding anything to the corporate treasury. They spun the LTL company off to a consortium made up of the management and a large union presence (and money) This was called Interlink. Highland was spun off separately. Interlink went bankrupt in 1997. Highland still survives.

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