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1957 International S pick-up International R-Line pick-up B-61 Mack owned by Barry Pettepiece, Teeswater Ontario
Reo Gold Comet - Amose C. Martin Drain Tile of Wallenstein Ontario. Was also featured in the latest HighwayStar magazine. Mack R-400 with International R on flatdeck White 5000 from Gilpin Haulage. Was originally a former Smith Transport tractor
Freightliner Silver Aero owned by Stephen Procter Ruggles dump truck Diamond T with Cummins 5.9 Diesel. Another curiosity.
The moderns. Our hosts displayed this Freightliner Century - driver has participated several times in the past in charity convoys. Staude Golf course tractor. Never heard of this one.
Mercury pick-up owned by Lou deCampo of St. Catharines Ontario. Ford cabover GMC flatbed
Chevrolet "Maple Leaf" Lovely old Autocar - Don Siddall Kenworth pick-up conversion
International R-190 diesel dump Brockway 361 owned by Peter McGill
We'd had 3 days or so of constant rain before the show - show organisers wanted to put the biger trucks on the grass as they did last year and poor Jim Herriot sunk pretty near out of sight.
Our hosts, Schneider National Carriers, came to Jim's rescue. Jim Herriot's rescue
The old 9700 Schneider National International pulling Jim's tractor-trailer backwards. Jim's Freightliner is now out on dry land, still being pulled backwards. I promised Jim that I wouldn't embarrass him.
Big Ugly - maybe not so ugly afterall Freightliner products .....
Stephen Procter's Silver Aero and Big Ugly.
While not at the show today I thought you'd like to see this familiar face. My FLD now owned by Berkley Power of Toronto Ontario.
Curious GMC - Yep! It's a 4-71 Detroit
I knew they put 4-bangers in these trucks, but I thought they would have been heavy enough to be medium/heavy straight trucks and tractors
ATHS Southwestern Ontario chapter show, Aberfoyle Ontario, September 27, 2008

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