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McKinlay Transport Limited
McKinlay is based out of Milton, Ontario. They haul mostly automotive parts in international service. They are the Canadian division of Central Transport of Detroit.

McKinlay was an old line carrier with a major shop and terminal in Milton, Ontario. Here are some their early 1950's White tractors . Notice the lighted sign on top of the cab that was very popular in Canada. They used a large number of what they called "cow wagons", or removable side trailers. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
For a more modern version of McKinlay, see this photo by Robert Archer.

Husband Transport

Husband Transport was owned by the same company that owned Midland Superior and operated from Windsor to Montreal with most operations in Ontario.
Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Annotation by Rob Archer

"the same company" was actually Canadian National Railways. Husband's head office was in London Ontario. Many smaller CN transport companies were folded into Husband including Toronto-Peterborough Transport, Scobie's Transport and Hoar Transport. Husband was merged with OVERNITE Transport of Quebec and it was renamed "Husband-Overnite" It held wide Quebec & Maritime Authorities. The full load " Class C" division was Cronin Transport Ltd. of Dublin Ont. All the CN trucking companies were "privatized" under the name Transport Route Canada. Route Canada, of course, went bankrupt in a very short time.

Consolidated Truck Lines

Consolidated Truck Lines merged with Dominion to form Dominion Consolidated Truck Lines, that was a major player in Ontario during the 70's.
Don Querciagrossa Collection.

Dominion Consolidated Truck Lines

Here is a Dodge tractor belonging to Dominion Consolidated Truck Lines. This Dominion Consolidated Truck Lines GMC tractor was a former Consolidated Truck Lines tractor.
Don Querciagrossa Collection.

AllTrans Express

An Alltrans road team arriving in Toronto. This photo was taken in 1976 near their terminal. The road power was all domiciled in the West. Teams would come in and drop and hook. The company made exceptional use on their sleeper teams running on the transcontinental operation. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
This picture shows the unique color scheme of Kwikasair when it was a separate company. This picture was taken in Calgary in 1980. This picture shows when Kwikasair and Comet were merged into Alltrans Express . This picture shows when Kwikasair had their trucks solid gray. Here is a Hayes truck and pup trailer taken in 1972.
These are from Don Querciagrossa's collection.

TNT Overland Express

TNT Overland Express with a Ford LT9000 in early 90's.

Reimer Express
Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Reimer road tractors taken about 1980 at the Toronto terminal. This picture shows a Reimer LTL 9000 with sleeper. This picture shows a Reimer Ford cab-over driving through the Rockies. These are from Don Querciagrossa's collection.
The left picture shows a Reimer International road tractor mixed in with a Freightliner and a Ford. This picture shows a Reimer Ford LTL 9000 road tractor with a sleeper. This picture shows a Ford COE model WT1000 parked along a road. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Reimer city tractor. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Reimer operated many International 9300 until they switched to Mack's. Photo taken in Winnipeg in 9/95. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Remier Ford Cargo straight truck photographed in Winnipeg in 1995. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Reimer Express White/GMC from early 90's taken at their Toronto terminal.

Inter-City Truck Lines
Reimer purchased a carrier named Inter-City Truck Lines of Toronto. They mainly operated in Ontario and into Quebec. Reimer never did merge with them and finally shut them down.

Here is an Inter-City White Western Star pulling a Reimer trailer. Photograph taken in Montreal in 1991. The middle and right picture show the trucks before they were purchased by Reimer Express. Most of their trucks were GMC.
Annotation by Rob Archer

Inter City Truck Lines was a major Ontario LTL carrier. It's authority ran from Windsor to Toronto, Toronto to North Bay and Sudbury and Toronto to Montreal. Inter-City bought TRANS CANADA HIGHWAY EXPRESS for the authority Toronto & Montreal to MB, SK and AB. They bought FLEET EXPRESS for the rights between Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. (personal observations : I worked for Diversey Canada in 1973. Diversey used Inter City to ship to all the western warehouses, a fullload to Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. The Inter City driver was there (Diversey's warehouse in Clarkson ) 4 days per week. Inter City must have hauled a lot of parts for General Motors as all their tractors were GMC's.

After US deregulation, Inter City resurrected the Trans Canada (Truck Lines) name and hired owner operators to run full loads, US 48 states to Ontario and Quebec.

Fast As Flite

Reimer operated an express division along side their standard LTL operation called "Fast as Flite" The tractors had their own unique livery as shown in this photograph. Some trailers were also badged with "Fast as Flite". Don Querciagrossa Collection.

Canadian Great Western Express

Here are a series of photographs on Canadian Great Western Express, Ltd. It was a non-union division of Reimer Express Lines that ran from Windsor, London and SW Ontario to Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton. Most of the road tractors in the 80's were KW coe's. They were later merged into Reimer.
Here are some photographs on Canadian Great Western Express, Ltd. trailers. The reefer train, and open train are all set waiting to be hooked up.

Transport Guilbault

Transport Interprovincial

A major force in Quebec now is Transport Guilbault. They have purchased many of the carriers operating along the St. Lawrence River and into the Maritimes. Very colorful livery for today. Transport Interprovincial was a cartage company in Montreal setup to perform cartage for several carriers. Some pulling a Larivex, a company owned by Guilbault.

Brazeau Transport

Epeditex Hamel

Here is a photo of a Western Star belonging to Brazeau, which was a major Quebec company until it was acquired by Cabano, now Cabano Kingsway. Here is a photo of an Epeditex Hamel tractor pulling a Brazeau trailer, after being purchased by them. Photograph taken in Montreal in 1992.

Cabano Kingsway


Cabano Freightliner with Beauce Express trailer, a company they purchased. They are now called Cabano Kingsway and are the largest LTL carrier in Eastern Quebec and Maritimes. Kingsway was a major carrier and they were purchased by Motorways and then the eastern portion was sold to Cabano, hence the name Cabano Kingsway. They also operated a full truckload carrier called Servall. A Kingway trailer before they were sold.
Kingsway Ford Aeromax taken just before the merger with Motorways in Toronto early 90's. These were brand new and had not been in service. Notice the Dayton wheels in 1991.
Cartier Transport was one of 6 companies purchased and operated by Epeditex, LTD. They concentrated their operations along the St. Lawrence from Montreal to the East. All of their companies had the same livery except for the name. They were purchased by Cabano Transport in 1988.



This Western Star was formally a Direct System tractor that has been painted. Photograph taken in 1991 at the Quebec City terminal. This Ford pulling a set of doubles was a typical Motorways equipment.
This Motorways Kenworth T600 unit was a company photo. Here is a Motorways Ford "Rocky Mountain Double" photo, which was a company photo.
These are from from Don Querciagrossa's collection.
This Motorways Ford tractor was taken at the Minneapolis terminal in 1985.

Cronkwright Transport


Here is an interesting Cronkwright Transport International tractor with an extremely long wheelbase. Here is a picture of a Freightliner unit belonging to Cronkwright Transport.

Glengarry Transport
Glengarry Transport was a major force in the Western Quebec LTL market. Expansion and the purchase of many Eastern Quebec LTL operations did them in and they shut down. They still operate their truckload operation, "XTL".

The Kenworth T600 photograph was taken in Chatham, ONT in 1991.
Glengarry purchased Thibodeau Finch that operated from Windsor to Toronto. The Finch purchase gave them authority into Montreal from Toronto. Photograph taken at the Chatham, Ontario terminal. Thibodeau Finch Ford tractor and the trailer is Southwestern Motor Transport of San Antonio, TX that was interchanged in Detroit, MI.

Transport Marcan
Marcan is an Quebec City based truck division of Thibodau.

Jumbo Motor Express

Here is a Transport Marcan White/GMC with an B-Train that gross up 136,000 lbs.
Jumbo Motor Express Toronto terminal in 1991.

Reliable Transport
Based in Toronto, Ontario, was an LTL carrier with the major of their operation between Toronto and Montreal.
They sold to Laidlaw in the early 80ís.

Scott Transport

Scott Transport was a classic Canadian carrier with a unique livery for 1976. Photograph taken in 1976 near London, ONT
Annotation by Rob Archer

Laidlaw merged them with Scott Transport of Oakville Ontario. The merged company was Reliable-Scott Transport.

Taggart Transport
Taggart Transport is an old line LTL carrier operating in Eastern Ontario. The colorful livery and interesting trailers made them a favorite of the photographer.

Wilson's Truck Lines
Wilson's Truck Lines was a contract carrier for A & P Super markets.

This picture shows a Wilson's Western Star in the classic old livery. This picture shows a newer Wilson tractor/trailer unit, with different markings on the door of the tractor. Wilson's Western Star from early 90's

Imperial Roadways
Another interesting carrier was Imperial Roadways which operated from Toronto and Montreal to Winnipeg and Calgary.

Trans Provincial Carriers

Trans Provincial Carriers operates from Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie and Northwest Ontario. Photographs were taken in 1991 in Toronto. Trailers have the same type of warning visibility treatment similar to Reimer trailers. This Trans Provincial Carriers Ford LNT 9000 was taken in 1991 in Toronto.
This Trans Provincial Carriers Mack was taken in 1991 in Toronto.


Manitoulin is a very unique carrier that is the largest in Northern Ontario from Toronto to Winnipeg. They operate some very special tractors with a drom box to handle their LTL and then mostly removable side trailers to handle truckloads. With the Ontario weight laws, most of the trailers have four axles. Some of the tractors have a lift axle to handle extra weight on the tractor.
A rear view of the Manitoulin super truck and a view of some of their trailers with removeable sides.
Manitoulin now operates in BC. In July 1997, through the acquisition of Pacific Northwest Carriers, based in Surrey, British Columbia, operations have been extended to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Direct System

Direct System was a major Canadian LTL carrier after merging Direct and Winters.
Later they purchased Millar & Brown of Cranbrook.

CP Transport

Clifford Transport
Based out of Windsor, Ontario

This Canadian Pacific Express Kenworth is from the early 1970's.
These are from Don Querciagrossa's collection.
The CP Transport Shops in Toronto were built in the 1980's.
These are from Don Querciagrossa's collection.
Clifford Transport was a colorful truckload carrier that is now out business or has been purchased by someone.

Transport Robert

Day & Ross


Here is a picture of a Transport Robert International 8300. Robert is a major LTL and truckload carrier in Quebec. Here is a Day & Ross International 8300 daycab. Photograph taken in Montreal in 1992. Laidaw Ford taken in Windsor, Ontario in 1976.

Carling O'Keefe Breweries


Glenncoe Transport Ltd.
Based out of Kelowna, BC

Classic Carling O'Keefe livery.
Gardewine North is an LTL carrier that operates mainly north of Winnipeg. To find out more about this company, check out their web site.
Glenncoe International cabover taken in Calgary, Alberta in 1990.


Classic Atomic Mack CH with an older trailer.
Classic Atomic Kenworth W900 in their original livery.

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