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Don passed away on June 25, 2013

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Tunnel thru the mountain from West Virginia to Virginia Tunnel in West Virginia
Charleston, West Virginia Billings, Montana Flying J
All these long-nose western star pics are of the truck I drove for 2 years............
These pics were taken at the last rest area in Michigan

Crossing the Blue water Bridge into Ontario

At the chapel at the 5th Wheel truckstop in Milton, ON Herb Peters from Abbotsford with the chaplin Claude Mathieu.

This Vedder Transport Peterbilt 379X went off the road in a heavy fog
Here are some pictures that I took at the BC Big Rig Show & Shine Weekend of this same truck before this unfortunate accident.

These are some of the trucks I sold while working as a salesman at Dams heavy truck sales in 1984-1985
This a new 1985 LTL 9000 I sold to Reg Schlitt to work at Zenith Trans on the Van to Whitehorse grocery run pulling Super-B's.

Reg Schlitt's '85 Ford working for Zenith. A little bit of Alcan mud on it.
Vedder's old yard, there's a Wal-mart there now, c'est la vie Reg Schartner and his' 76 Pete. Vedder bought it new and Reg drove it for a year then bought it and became an o/o.
Then later he moved over to Agressive and run to Ft Nelson until that ended then ran weekends to Pr. Rupert and '97 he bought a new long-nosed conv.------he finally made the conversion--c/o to conv.---one of last hold-outs.
Leaving for Ft. Nelson..............on top of Trutch. It's not there, is nothing sacred? 'Sneaky Pete' and his c/o working for Vic (may he rest in peace). Rudy Bergen w/City Transfer
This Picture was taken at the Chevron in Flood, BC
My old c/o Pete My first T600 a '91 at Can-Am taken at the old '76 in Redding with Chaplain Merwin Rhodes.
Transport for Christ chapel taken at the old '76 in Redding

My '73 Frtlnr---movin' up from a 350 to a 400 cummins.................
Another shot of my '73 Freightliner Haulin pecker-poles in Michigan 1980
Michagan train dump truck These conventionals and trailers are in Hay River, NWT.
The line c/o's are in Pot aux Basque,Nfld waiting for the Ferry to Sydney, NS. 1980 Reg Schartner put a 444 into his '78 Pete and I took his old 400 and put it into my '80 Pete.
The other side of the shop....a 400 replacing an 8V92.. I saw this big honkin' sleeper one afternoon in Nebraska
My daughter and my '73 Frtlnr. I bought this from Vedder transport in '79 and promptly had an accident (got some new stuff) worked there a couple of years went to Sunrise Farms then to Kleysen's. I sold the truck in '84. Some Hazelton Trucks
Some more Hazelton Trucks
More Hazelton Trucks
Unidentified Kenworth W900 parked at Vedder Transport's yard in Abbotsford Bob Flier's IHC w/Vedder Trans.
Don Hannah's Frtlnr and Jim ? parked at Chase 1979 Don Jansen's cattle hauler...Jansen Western Transport.

Vedder's Show'n Shine '92

My last long ride....2years. Then retired. Dec 21/03

I started working for Sunrise Farms in Abbotsford in Jan/'75. This 73 Frtlnr was what I drove for a year. It had an NTA370 Cummins with a 10spd. We hauled hay from Pasco, WA to Abbotsford, BC. They had 5 trucks, each one hauled a load a day 6 days week.

These pics were taken at a Truck-stop on the Ring-road in Moscow, Russia.These were the only pics my friend could take because as he found out there are no cameras allowed in truckstops in Russia. The construction area is where they are starting to build a new truckstop.

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