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Freightliner with short tandem-axle tube trailer, June 1, 1988. Mack R with a carbon monoxide trailer from J.B. Kelley. We would run to Buffalo, NY with a van trailer and switch for the carbon monoxide trailer to take back to Linde in Oakville, Ontario. This photo was taken at Ft. Erie, ON on June 15, 1987. Mack R with a Linde nitrogen tanker loading at Oakville, Ontario on May 7, 1988.
Volvo-White with nitrogen tanker headed for Sarnia, Ontario. July 11, 1990. Tractor 37954 with brand-new 480ft dry van trailer at Home Hardware's paint factory in Burford, Ontario, April 2, 1993. Paint for Home Hardware was one of the commoditied PTO carried in its effort to eliminate empty miles after re-regulation of the Canadian trucking industry regulations. This would also be the last PTO photo I would take.

PTO Montreal, Quebec
Mack R. Note the difference in air deflector and painted front bumper. Same specs as PTO Toronto trucks. May 19, 1988. Kenworth T-800 at Kingston, Ontario, August 1, 1991. Same specs as the Volvo-Whites, except these trucks seemed to be wide on the foot feed and restricted to 90 km/hr on cruise control. Provost Cartage of Montreal had one tractor and trailer dedicated to hauling polyethelene resin for Union Carbide. Pictured here at Belleville, Ontario on August 21, 1987, this cab-over Freightliner was almost the last Cummins V-903 powered tractor in the Provost fleet.

FREE and EASY - Rentals without the 90 km/hr restriction and tell-tale tachograph
Ford LT from Rentway with 310-hp 3406 Cat, 13-spd OD transmission and Neway air-ride. This was one of 4 identical tractors of a cancelled order from OK Transportation of Markham, Ontario. March 24, 1987. International 8300 with 16-tube hydrogen trailer. Empty weight of the tractor and trailer was 63,000 lbs. New technology was often tested at PTO and since the 8300 was newly introduced, Rentway provided one for examination. Tube trailers were extremely top heavy and considerable planning was needed to enter, exit and make lane changes. Othewise the trailer would sway alarmingly. The International had a Cummins NTC-365 BC IV engine and long enough legs to bury the speedometer. May 3, 1989. Same International with Industrial Services trailer. May 5, 1989.
Mack CH-600 demonstrator. Mack E7-400 engine, Mack 9-spd transmission. October 3, 1989.

Linde Trucks
The cleanest Western Star I ever drove!
May 24, 1991 - Assignment: Load Linde unit in Oakville, drive same to just south of Sudbury, Ontario and switch for empty unit, due back in Oakville for service. This Star is on its way back for service and was the cleanest truck I've ever driven.
GMC Brigadier from Welder's Service of Oshawa, Ontario, the welding gas distributor.
Freightliner FLC-120 from Linde in Knoxville, Tennessee, March 25, 1992.

Union Carbide Performance Plastics
International S-f1800 from UCPP in Orilla, Ontario, May 2, 1991.

Union Carbide Performance Plastics
Volvo-White and "borrowed" brand-new tanker used to produce a photo for Transcaer brochure, June 13, 1990.

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