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Brand-new 1977 International F-2070A Fleetstar and Trailmobile 45-foot trailer pause for their official photograph in Scarborough Ontario. These Internationals were powered with a Cummins Formula 290 engine and a Fuller RT-1110 Roadranger transmission. The wheelbase was incredibly short at 144 inches. Photograph courtesy R.D. Miskelly, Praxair Canada.
Mack R-612ST leased from Warren Whitley Rentals of Belleville Ontario. These Macks had Mack's ETAZ-673 315-hp engine couple to a Fuller 15-speed transmission with Mack axles on Mack camel-back suspension. White it was before my time, there were a couple of Macks in this group which used the 6-speed Allison automatic transmission. The trailer is a 45-foot Steadman, a Canadian manufacturer who went out of business in the early 1980's. The blue contrast in the photo is due to the fact that it is a print from an Ektachrome slide. Photograph courtesy R. D. Miskelly, Praxair Canada.
At the same time as the Macks, a small number of Western Stars were also leased from Warren Whiteley Rentals for use on the Bakelite operation out of Belleville Ontario itself. These Western Stars used 365-hp Detroit Diesel 8V-92TT engines with Allison 6-speed automatic transmissions and air start. The suspension was a 72-inch Chalmers rubber bushing type. Photograph courtesy R.D. Miskelly, Praxair Canada.
Mack R-700 and King tandem-axle polyethelene resin hopper trailer. These Macks were powered with 350-hp Caterpillar 3406 engines and Fuller 9-speed transmissions riding on Mack axles and camel-back suspension. Nicely turned-out tractors had air-ride cabs. With Warren Whitley Rentals going out of business, these Macks were leased from Rentway Canada out of Belleville Ontario. Belleville would prove to be a natural location as nightly these trucks would run switches between Toronto Ontario and Kingston Ontario where they met and switched with trucks out of Montreal Quebec. Photo courtesy R.D. Miskelly, Praxair Canada.
In 1986, the R-700's were replaced with new R-688ST's. A couple of the R-700's went to Trimac, the owners of Rentway, while this one was purchased by an owner-operator who haulled a dump trailer in the Toronto area. He was well-known amongst most of the drivers because he would frequently call up on the CB asking when Union Carbide was going to return the new fleet - he liked the R-700 that much! The photograph was taken in the Rexdale area of Toronto by Doug McKenzie.
During my time with Union Carbide, there were 3 Freightliner FLC-120's also leased from Rentway. These used the Cummins Formula 350 engine, 9-speed Roadranger transmission with Rockwell rears on Hendrickson suspension. While they were still pretty heavy and prone to drive the loaders at Linde plants in Niagar Falls New York into fits because of their heavy weight, they were still lighter than the Macks. One Freightliner ran for several months minus the right hand side fuel tank in order to get enough product into the helium trailer when we loaded at North Royalton Ohio. This photograph was taken at the A. Shulman plant in St. Thomas Ontario after loading polyethelene resin on March 19, 1987. Items such as the broken hood bug deflector were not normal and always fixed as soon as it was possible to get the tractor into Belleville Ontario.
Tractor 845 was a 1986 Mack R-688ST powered with an E6-350 Econodyne engine, Fuller RTX 15-speed transmission and 4.17 Mack rears. Cabs were equipped with Level IV padding and carpeting, which would become a problem since originally all of these tractors were chain-ganged, and air-ride cab suspension. The fast rear axle ratio and overdrive transmission would make it quite difficult for many new drivers to get used to the company speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Photograph taken by Doug McKenzie at Lindsay Ontario, March 17, 1987.
Two views of Tractor 841 taken on March 9, 1987. With a trailer from Consolidated Fastfrate at Orangeville Ontario and later the same day, having switched the full Fastfrate trailer for an empty McNeil-McGrath trailer at Fastfrate's terminal in Toronto. In this instance, full load of Glad products from the Orangeville plant were loaded directly onto Fastfrate equipment who in turn would rail-car the loads from their terminal to Western Canada.
The spring on 1990 saw the fleet of R Model Macks returned to Rentway and replaced with Volvo-White Aero tractors. Originally there wer 13 day cab and 3 sleepers.

37954 was photographed with a 48-foot Trailmobile leased from Ryder while loading resin in Brantford Ontario in June 1990. These Volvo-Whites were powered with 11.1 litre Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines, a Fuller RTX 15 speed transmission again with Rockwell rears on Volvo airride suspension. Cab interiors were again of premium nature - with the exception of carpeting. After detailing the Macks twice in their years, the management did not want to have to go through the process again. By the time the Volvo-Whites came on the fleet, the chain-ganging of the equipment had stopped except for 3 tractors licensed to run the United States. This one was the photographer's ride.

37965 was one of the 3 sleepers. A team operation to supplant the Linde fleet was inaugerated in the spring of 1990. This tractor was brand-new, having been brought from Belleville to Toronto the day it was photographed. The sleepers used the 425-hp 12.7 litre Series 60 engine in place of "The Corridor Fleet" day cab 11.1 litre engines. The trailer is a portable pumping station for UCISCO - Union Carbide Industrial Services Company.

37122 was originally a daily rental out of Belleville, but with the team operation expanding quickly, it was taken on and put to use pulling a nitrogen tanker. PTO teams would range far and wide pulling Linde tankers - as far south as Baton Rouge Louisiana and as far north as the newly developing hydro electric plants alongside of Hudson Bay in the province of Quebec. Management was never really happy about the tankers being parked on the warehouse lot, but this one was captured on film moments before departing with another team - the previous one having used up their hours and heading home for rest.

Freightliner Century. During the last 18 months or so, there was an effort underway to take the company name out of the public view. Twice contests were run within PTO to come up with the name. When the Toronto operation closed down in October 1993, the Montreal operation continued for another year before it eveloved into an outfit called G3. In this Chris Hall photo we see a tri-axle hopper trailer and Freightliner Century from G3 out of Montreal Quebec.

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