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D.S. Scott Transport trailer taken in 1976 at the TNT Alltrans terminal on Britannia Road in Mississauga, Ontario. Doug McKenzie Collection. Here is a picture of a Hayes Clipper cabover owned by Herman Hass when the truck was leased to D.S. Scott. Drivers Henry Unrau and Pee Wee Gill. For more information on this truck, go to Doug's Hayes Page. Here is a picture of a Canadian Kenworth dromedary that was owned by Reitmier. Reitmier was purchased in the mid-60s by D.S.Scott Transport. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Here is a 1968 Kenworth cab-over leased to Seaboard Express Lines Ltd. Seaboard was the eastern Canadian license of D.S.Scott Transport, sold to TNT when they purchased D.S. Scott but then later sold back to Doug Scott. This truck was Kingsway red, green and black and the Kingsway fleet number can be seen up under the windshield on the driver's side. Seaboard's colours were black and white with a green stripe, same as D.S. Scott Transport. The Canadian Kenworth had a Cummins NTC-335 engine with a Fuller RTO-915 Roadranger transmission. The photograph was taken at Jemseg, New Brunswick on June 27, 1973.
Here is a former D.S. Scott Canadian Kenworth COE leased to a now-defunct outfit named Marshall Leasing which in turn leased to Scott Paper Products. The Kenworth was employed in hauling loads of finished tissue products from Scott Paper mills in Maritime Canada to delivery points in Quebec and Ontario. Even back then finished tissue loads don't weigh much - a full 53 footer might not weigh any more than a 20,000 pound payload, so the 45 foot trailer behind this Kenworth wouldn't create too much strain for the old Cummins NHC-250 engine with it's Spicer 4 x 4 transmission.

This one's the current State of the last D.S. Scott Transport terminal at 50 Millwick Dr in Toronto. The main building and the dock still stands behind it, but the building in the right now covers the ground which had the scale/scalehouse and the yard.

After D.S. Scott vacated the terminal, Day and Ross used it for many years.

Looking south-west - very little open land.
Hard to believe that this was actually a trucking terminal in the 1950's. GILL's terminal on Wilson Avenue. Looking directly north with Highway 400 to the immediate right. The building has had additions to both the north and west sides - at one time you could park trailers against the dock and still have room between the yard and the expressway.

More than 25 years ago I wrote Canadian Kenworth in regards to any photographs they might have of Canadian Kenworth COE's.

This is a photocopy of one that they themselves photocopied and sent to me.

Ironic that it's a D.S. Scott tractor and I was in the process of beginning to model one in 1/25th scale.

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