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This GMC Astro with a Day & Ross B-Train, belonged to Dick Willey of West Hill Ontario. Dick ran that particular Astro from new 1988 or 89, until 1999. This particular truck also has it's own place in history, as it was the 2nd last Astro sold from the GMC Truck Centre in Toronto.
Jumbo Motor Express Freightliner cab-over in Jumbo's final color scheme. The picture was taken at their Toronto terminal in September 1977. Jumbo Motor Express International F4375 Transtar. The picture was taken at their Toronto terminal in September 1977. Jumbo Motor Express Hayes Clipper 100 cab-over. Note the new, final color scheme on the trailer and the old, turquois, white and orange decal on the tractor door. This picture was taken in April 1978. The truck was parked on a Pickering, Ontario shopping mall parking lot.
Jumbo Motor Express Mack F with a set of doubles. The picture was taken in June 1971 at the Irving Restaurant, by the Quebec/New Brunswick border. The restaurant is now a Big Stop and the parking lot is now paved. Jumbo Motor Express Ford WT-Series cab-over. The picture was taken at a truck rodeo back in 1976, Jumbo's vehicles were usually painted turquoise, orange and white, but this maroon Ford got away with it. Not the elephant logo. Jumbo Motor Express Canadian Kenworth cab-over pulling a parade float in Halifax's Navy Day Parade in August 1971.
From T. Brad Dunkin's collection Halifax, NS.

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Emeryville is one from Internatonal Transport of Rochester Minnesota, now owned by Schneider National. The photo was given to Doug by Martin Phippard of Warminster, Wiltshire England when he lived in Toronto back in 1976/77. Freightliner conventional from RST Industries, a division of Midland Transport. It was taken back in 1987 at Canada Customs in St. Stephen, New Brunswick by T. Brad Dunkin of Halifax Nova Scotia A Brockway wrecker taken near North East Pennsylvania in August 2000.
This photo is from the collection of Doug McKenzie.
Here is some Eastern Canadian Scenery taken from the cab of Doug's tractor while sitting on The Confenderation Bridge between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The truck is facing west, towards New Brunswick.
These pictures show Doug and his wife's "toy", as Doug calls it. These pictures were taken at a truck show in 1993. The picture on the right shows Doug's wife holding the coveted 1st Place placque. The truck is a 1973 International.
Here is a Sunbury chip trailer. Photo was taken at Pokiok, New Brunswick in March 1997 by Doug. Some drivers call the Sunbury trucks "Killer Bees" due to their yellow and black colours - the older ones more than the newer trucks.
Here is another Sunbury chip truck and judging from the 8-hole, 8-bolt aluminum front wheels I'd say it's from around 1994. Midland and Sunbury purchased an almost identical bunch of 1994 Freightliners around then, all equipped with 8 hole, 8-bolt hub-piloted front wheels.This is one of T. Brad Dunkin's photos.
Here is an International R-Line mixer on outdoor display at the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor Maine. The covered bridge in the background is a scaled-down replica of one of Maine's many covered bridges. Should you ever come east that far for a vacation, the Cole Museum is well worth the visit. We toured it in 1994 when the bridge was under construction, but inside the building there are hundreds of items all involved with land transportaton in Maine. Several trucks used by Coles Express of Bangor are included - including a unique 6-axle, twin-steer non-sleeper GM Crackerbox with dromedary tank. This picture is from T. Brad Dunkin.
Freightliner FLC-120. Travelling billboard for the Province of Prince Edward Island. Taken at Brampton, Ontario, March 6, 2001. Kenworth W-900 long hood with custom fender treatment on old, A-Model Kenworth W-900. Photo taken at Mt.Nebo, West Virginia on April 20,2001. Peterbilt 379. Pretty fancy show truck for Blue Line Distribution of Mississauga, Ontario. Photo was taken at Mt. Nebo, West Virginia of April 20,2001.
Peterbilt 379 at The Michigan Welcome Centre, I-94 East in Michigan. February 2001. Diamond Reo wrecker. Brintle's Truck Service, Mount Airy, North Carolina in April 2001. Western Star Constellaton from Pyrofax. Scarborough, Ontario in April 2001.
Peterbilt 379 from International Freight Systems (I.F.S.). Also with low Aero-kit stake and rack trailer and 10-foot 2-inch axle spacing. Taken at Windsor, Ontario, April 26 2001. Peterbilt 379 day-cab with low stake-and-rack trailer. Note the 10-foot 2-inch axle spacing on the trailer. Fergus Truck Show, July 2000.
Peterbilt 379 from Wilride Transportation. Windsor, Ontario, taken April 26 2001. Early 1970's Kenworth W-900 still operating for Gorski Bulk Transport at Tilbury, Ontario, taken in late summer 2000. International 9200 for Erb Transport Ltd. taken at Trenton, Ontario, in May 2001.
GMC Astro from Yellow Freight taken at Tonawanda, New York, June 26, 1990. Note the trailer. Mack B73.75 leased to the Special Commodities Division of TIME-DC. The photo was taken at Toledo, Ohio in March 1978. Kenworth W-900L of Magic Transportation of Grand Rapids, Michigan, taken at Porter, Indiana in August 2001.
Freightliner COE from Atomic Transfer taken at Bramalea, Ontario in January 1977. The snow confirms it was a cold day outside!
Kenworth T0800 of Mullen Transportation from Alberta Canada, taken at Swartz Creek, Michigan in August 2001. International SD-8100 from Estes Express taken at Charlotte, North Carolina in August 2001. International S-9200 from Estes Express taken at Charlotte, NC in August 2001.
ICX International Conco pulling a set of doubles. Photographer is unknown. Doug McKenzie Collection. Garrett International Transtar with a set of doubles. Photographer is unknown. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Pella Windows Kenworth T-450 taken at Mississauga, Ontario in March 2002. IFS Kenworth W-900L taken at Brantford, Ontario in April 2002. Trans-West Peterbilt 379 taken at Dorchester, Ontario in April 2002.
Baker Hi-Way Freightliner FLD-120 pulling a turnpike double set of 48 footers taken at Porter, Indiana in April 2002. Sammy G's Express Kenworth W-900L taken at Queenston, Ontario in May 2002. Sam Gervaid went out on his own an now operates 6 tractors and trailers between Ontario, Florida and California. International 9900i from SC Transport of Grand Rapids Michigan. Taken in the fall of 2001 at Princeton West Virginia.
International 9400i from TKC Transport of Milton Ontario at Tilbury, Ontario, Summer 2001. International Paystar wrecker from Comtow, Summer 2001 at Scarborough, Ontario. Reliable Carriers Peterbilt at Mt. Nebo, West Virginia, Fall 2001.
Peterbilt 379 at Mississauga, Ontario, Summer 2001. International 9400i from Noco Fuels. Scarborough Ontario, Fall 2001. Photo taken by Doug's 3 year old grand daughter, with some "coaching" from "Poppa."
Doug McKenzie's Comments:

Mirabel Leasing of St. Jerome Quebec was also owned by Papineau Transport. Part of their operation was to provide equipment for Rolland Paper, also of St. Jerome Quebec. At Rolland, all of the equipment was leased from Papineau and the drivers were leased from an outside-sourced personel agency - probably this is where Papineau US originated from.

I drove this particular Kenworth for a short time in the summer of 1978 - until it was replaced with a brand-new S-Series International from McCleave Leasing here in Ontario. (see below)

The Kenworth was pretty well equipped for it's day: A Cummins NTC-350 engine, 13-speed Roadranger transmission and 44,000 lb rear axles on Kenworth's own "Big 6" inverted spring and rod suspension. Nightly the truck would haul payloads in excess of 70,000 lbs of roll stock between Scarborough Ontario and Brockville Ontario where it switched with a truck out of St. Jerome Quebec. During the day it delivered finished paper to customers in the Toronto area.

Of particular note, the truck was also featured in Truck Tracks sometime in 1978 - in an article written about Canadian trucking by Colin Peck.

For it's size and heaviness, the Kenworth proved particularly adept at city work - once you became used to it's foibles. Everyone who used it enjoyed driving it and for a couple, there were no dry eyes the night it made it's trip back to Quebec when replaced by the International (not me, though). I believe it was eventually assimilated into the Papinea Transport fleet, for I remember seeing it once or twice in St. Jerome a year or two after I left Rolland Paper in Scarborough.

Here is a photo of the Rolland/McCleave International S-F2500. The trailer is a 1978 Manac tri-axle and V-36, the trailer, is owned by Mirabel Leasing.

At the time that the Kenworth was returned to St. Jerome, Rolland in Scarborough leased this 1978 S-Series and an 1800 Loadstar. A Manac tri-axle similar to this one was leased from McCleave also, but it was never lettered.
The S-Series was pretty risque for it's time - two purple stripes with purple fenders and the name across the Rudkin-Wiley air deflector was in pink. The corresponding truck out of St Jerome was also new in 1978 and it was a new W-900 Kenworth painted white with pink fenders and two pink stripes across the hood and cab - Rolland specified this as their intention was to identify their vehicles with their particular products (Much in the same way that Sleeman Brewery paints all of their vehicles different colours to identify with the different recipes and packaging of their varied products.)

As for the International - it was originally called "The Loblaws Truck" because when it arrived at McCleave's in Brampton it was metallic brown with orange and red stripes. The trucks used by Loblaws Groceries were brown with red and orange markings at the time. McCleave's painted the S Series to Rolland's specifications and added one or two "goodies" to the truck - namely the 2 large Grover air horns after the night driver complained about the tiny horns that were standard at the time. A second step of skid-plate material was added on the driver's step tank after the day driver (me) took a tumble off of it in full view of the shipping foreman - an extremely safety-conscious individual.

The engine was a Formula 350 Cummins with a 9-speed Fuller Roadranger, 40,000 lb International rear axles on Hendrickson extended leaf spring suspension. It went like a scalded cat and rode extremely well both loaded and empty.

CF Wedge vans parked at the Oakville Ontario Sufferance Warehouse. Doug McKenzie Collection. CF Triples photographed in Ohio or Indiana. Photo was taken by Ray Ellis. Doug McKenzie Collection. This shows the left side of a former CF Freightliner tag-tandem tractor with air start tank very well. Tag on front says California. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Early Freightliner conventional, otherwise known as a "CF Re-build". Doug McKenzie Collection. Somewhere out west best describes this photo of 2 Canadian Freightways sleeper units. The photographer is unknown. But I certainly wouldn't want to try sleeping going down the road with the Hendrickson rubber-ride suspension on the tractor in the foreground. CF Freightliner after the shut-down. Marshall, Michigan, September 24, 2002.
US Army Freightliner 6 x 6. Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, October 19, 2002. US Army Freightliner 6 x 6 at Mt. Morris Pennsylvania, October 19, 2002. Mack B-67 and Fruehauf trailer, C. Grier Beam Truck Museum, Cherryville North Carolina, November 15, 2002.

This photo was taken back in 88/89 at an old Antique Truck Society of Canada Meet in Kleinburg Ontario. If I'm not mistaken Dick Willey had only recently purchased the GM from Ross Mackie. International CO-F4070B Transtar II from Poole Truck Lines, Evergreen Alabama. Photo taken in New York State, October 9, 1983. International CO-F9700 from Poole Truck Lines, Evergreen Alabama.
International F-2070A Fleetstar from Safeway Canada taken during the mid to late 70's when Safeway entered the grocery market in Eastern Canada. As can be seen, the tractor followed Safeway practises with Budd wheels and the trailer is a Utility also with Budd wheels. Safeway went out of the market shortly after this photo was taken in Toronto - the equipment was sold but since Oshawa Foods purchased the store properties, the Utility trailers were still used and part of the Oshawa Foods fleet for quite some time. Freightliner Classic from Transport Lord of Rimouski Quebec. Caught this one at Lincoln, New Brunswick in July 2003 Mack H-69 from Brown's Paving, Sussex Corner NB. July 2003
Freightliner Silver Aero from I.F.S. Without the air deflector you can easily see that the Silver Aero was indeed a flattop." Freightliner Silver Aero brochure
Former CF Freightliner FLB's taken at St Catherines, Ontario in June 2004 Former CF Freightliner FLD 120's taken at St Catherines, Ontario in June 2004
Former CF vans now with WSKT signage taken at La Salle, IL in the summer of 2004 Former CF vans now with WSKT signage taken at La Salle, IL in the summer of 2004
Here we are in Doug's cab sneaking up on Ray Ellis hard at work travelling along I-69 East between Flint, MI and Pt Huron, MI in August 2004.
Now we jump into Ray Ellis' Peterbilt hard at work travelling along I-69 East between Flint, MI and Pt Huron, MI in August 2004. In the mirror is Doug McKenzie sneaking up with his rented Freightliner. Is that really you Doug? No, just a hand puppet.

Peterbilt - Alco Americal Lines. Freightliner Coronado - Alco Americal Lines. Alvan International 8600.
Note the chrome wheels and super singles.
Texaco Lubricants Kenworth taken at Mississauga Ontario. Former Manitoulin Transport drom tractor found in Scarborough Ontario. Two former Manitoulin Transport Petes for sale at Island Truck Sales, Mississauga Ontario.
Hard to believe that this was actually a trucking terminal in the 1950's. GILL's terminal on Wilson Avenue. Looking directly north with Highway 400 to the immediate right. The building has had additions to both the north and west sides - at one time you could park trailers against the dock and still have room between the yard and the expressway.
Peterbilt 379 from Lyons Transport of Newmarket Ontario, taken at the Hsuky Truck Stop in Pickering Ontario. August 6, 2006 Freightliner Century for Shandex, Pickering Ontario, August 6, 2006 Parking problems in metropolitan areas are probably a big concern for many. I think this is the complete operation for JWS Trucking of Ajax Ontario, parked on a side street. Two W-900L Kenworths and a 9900i International Eagle.
It says "Classic" under the door on this Freightliner FLD-120, but it has the beefier look of the FLD-120 "SD". From Servicor Transport, Whitby Ontario, August 6, 2006. Kenworth T-400 from Mackie Moving Corporation - Whitby Ontario, August 6, 2006. International from Brookville Carriers, Flatbed Group, Bowmanville Ontario, August 6, 2006.
Kenworth T-800 from Transport Jules Savard, leaving the Newtonville service centre on Highway 401, August 6, 2006. KenworthT-800 from Seaboard/Harmac, Newtonville Service Centre, Hwy.401 East, August 6, 2006. Freightliner FLD-120 from Erie Shores Produce, Ruthven Ontario. I had hoped the graphics on the trailer would show up better, but I also had to stand on the 4-ft high barrier to get the picture. Trenton Ontario, August 6, 2006.
Can't resist axles and covered wagons - in this case the 10-ft 2-in spread on the trailer. Didn't write down the name, but it's a Kenworth W-900L out of Quebec. Trenton Ontario, August 6, 2006 Peterbilt from the same operation as the previous Kenworth. Again, Trenton Ontario, August 6, 2006. International from dangerous goods carrier Rollex - looks very much like a tractor from Transport Robert of Quebec. Trenton Ontario, August 6, 2006.
Plenty of chicken lights on this pig haulin' Peterbilt from Gobout of Quebec. Trenton Ontario, August 6, 2006. International 9900i from Hillman's Transfer of Sydney Nova Scotia. Trenton Ontario, August 6, 2006.
White Rose gas pump from times gone by A restored B-A (British American) gas station 1941 Ford owned by Fred Meier from Campbell River, BC
These pictures were taken at opposite ends of the country, but they just need to be together
Caught this Western Star from Roadrunner Dawes Transport when delivering there yesterday. R&L Carriers Mack with a racing trailer taken in Romulus Michigan back in February and shot out through the window of my tractor as I rolled through a warehousing complex Caught this Navajo Express, Inc. Kenworth unloading earlier this week at Roadrunner/Dawes in Romulus Michigan. Doug McKenzie Photo ©
International's Chatham plant's 60th anniversary this year (2008). Taken by S. Pierpoint

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