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White 4400 conventional. Tractor number 735, indicates that this is an owner/operator's tractor. White 4000 conventional. Another owner/operator's tractor. These two photos were taken in February 1972 in Etobicoke, Ontario. Mack R Series tractor belonging to Phillips Transport. This tractor was later purchased and assimilated into the Laidlaw operation at the Dunnville, Ontario yard. The photo was taken at Maberly, Ontario in July 1972.
Mack R Series tractor, originally owned by Williamson Trucking and Leasing. This truck was contracted to Laidlaw to haul for Canada Cement LaFarge. Williamson ran into financial difficulties around 1976/77 and Laidlaw stepped in, and taking over the tractors and some of the drivers. International Transtar with 73-inch sleeper cab. The tractor is powered by a Detroit diesel with a Fuller 13-speed transmission. Based out of the Hamilton Ontario terminal, this tractor pulled aluminum coils with a three-axle flatbed to Continental Can in Toronto. White Western Star. Another former Williamson unit.
Western Star with a set-back front axle. This is another former Willimason unit. International 2100-A Fleetstar. Originally powered with an IHC 549 CID V-8 gas engine, this was eventually repowered with a 6-71N Detroit diesel. Laidlaw had several of these including the one called, "The Vibrator" in Toronto. Many, including this one, were sold to drivers who then became owner/operators. This one was owned by Mike Krueger. White 4000 Series conventional with Port-A-Weld Sleeper. Originally this tractor was owned by Triad Truck Lease and leased to Standard Chemicals, but when Triad Truck Lease went into receivership, Mike Krueger purchased this truck.
Chevy Titan, a Hamilton-based owener/operator who hauled steel on a 4-axle flatbed. The engine was an 8V-71T Detroit diesel, underpowered at 335 HP. The picture was taken in March 1975 in Etobicoke, Ontario. Here are two pictures of the same tractor, same trip, same day. The tractor is one of a few Custom-Cab equipped Fords. The standard Laidlaw specs at the time as 318 Detroit diesels and 13-speed Roadranger transmissions. All the freight went sliding down the rollers out the back of the trailer. No skid load in this business, yet. The pictures were taken in Hamilton, Ontario in March 1975.
Laidlaw had 4 of these Dodge tractors. They were equipped with 318 Detroit diesels with 13-speed transmissions. General view of equipment in Hamilton, Ontario yard. The western R Mack was owner/operators, big Mack V-8 engine. Those are new Louisville Fords in the background. The picture was taken around 1975. GMC Astro. The photo was taken by Don Hetherington.
Freightliner conventional. The low number on the hood signified original Hagersville, Ontario terminal. The picture was taken in Mississauga, Ontario in November 1986. Ford Louisville with a 318 Detroit diesel, 13-speed Roadranger transmission. The trailer is a 45-foot Con-Car. All three axles are on the ground and do not steer. The trailer is what western Canadian truckers call a, "TRIDEM" and eastern Canadian truckers call a, "CLUSTER." Back in 1977, they were called a tri-axle. The photo was taken in Barrie, Ontario during the summer of 1977 at the Barrie mail Beer Store. Reo tractor with doubles. This is the original Laidlaw Transport before R.A. Laidlaw sold to Mike deGroote. Hagersville, Ontario building where Laidlaw still operates today.
Western Star conventional having just emerged from the Blue Beacon Truck Wash in Milton, Ontario. Mack CH-600 conventional, taken at Fergus, Ontario during the summer of 1996. Freightliner COE. The owner at the time was Murray Woodcox. The picture was taken in Etobicoke, Ontario in May 1977.
Autocar conventional with tri-axle trailer taken at Scarborough, Ontario in May 1978. Ford LT-9000 Louisville, taken at the Toronto terminal in December 1977. The engine was a 270 HP Detroit diesel 6V-92TT Fuel Squeezer with an Allison Automatic transmission. Six International CO-F4000 cab-overs for Leather Cartage. Leather Cartage was one of the many purchased by Mike deGroote to build Laidlaw into its enormous size in the 1970's. Only one of these tractors remained at Laidlaw in 1974. This picture may have come from International Harvester.

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