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The B-Train is now seen in use all over the world. In Australia and New Zealand they have, in the past, been referred to as "Canadian-style doubles".
It should be noted that some van B-Trains use sliding bogies which slide under the lead box when not used in train configuration.

David Bontrager provides an excellent series of 4 photos of a "covered wagon" B-train including the couplng.

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Freightliner Conventional from Sunbury Transport of Fredericton, NB. Freshly-washed on December 27, 1998. At Sussex N.B. In New Brunswick this vehicle would be allowed to operate at a gross weight of 67,500 kg or 148,810 lbs.
Freightliner Cab-over with Lode King four-axle lead and tandem pup. Note the air-lift axles on both the lead trailer and pup. Taken at Tilbury Ontario, Summer 1999.
Freightliner conventional from Midland Courier. Midland Courier "leases" it's equipment from Midland Transport, thus the vehicle is lettered for Midland Transport. The tractor is a 1996 Freightliner powered with a 430 Detroit Series 60 engine and an Eaton/Fuller Super-10 transmission. This particular vehicle operated nightly between Brampton Ontario and Montreal Quebec. The Province of Ontario does not allow as great a capacity of weight on the tri-dem lead box, only allowing 24,400 kg for unlike New Brunswick, this Ontario-based B-train would gross 65,800 kg or 145,062 lbs. This particular tractor was replaced in service in early 2000. Photo taken at Brampton Ontario, August 1999.
Here we see a 2000 Freightliner 48-inch High Rise SleeperCab painted for Midland Courier with matching trailers. Early Summer, 2000 at Trenton Ontario.
Here we see a third Midland Courier B-train. While the trailers are identical to the previous two photographs, the tractor is one of two Freightliner C-112 Century Class "Test" tractors. This tractor and the second one in use on the"General" fleet have Cummins M-11 engines with Eaton/Fuller AutoShift automatic transmissions. Photograph taken in the summer of 1999 at Ville Degilis Quebec.
This GMC Astro with a Day & Ross B-Train, belonged to Dick Willey of West Hill Ontario. Dick ran that particular Astro from new 1988 or 89, until 1999. This particular truck also has it's own place in history, as it was the 2nd last Astro sold from the GMC Truck Centre in Toronto.
Mack CH-600 from MacKinnon Transport of Guelph Ontario. Taken at Trenton Ontario in the summer of 1998.
It was in the petroleum transport segment of the trucking industry where the B-train first gained acceptance. Here in the Summer 1998 picture we see a CH-600 Mack from Provmar Logistics, a subsidiary of Trimac. Photo taken in Pickering Ontario.
Dwarfing the R-600 Mack alongside of it is this C-500 Kenworth from Trimac. Note the wide front tires and wide axle spacing for the drive suspension. Trenton Ontario, September 1986.
Kenworth W-900L from Samuel Steel (Kim-Tam Truck Lease) at the annual Truckfest truck show for Children's Charity, Kitchener Ontario, June 1998.
A new Kenworth W-900 Studio Sleeper from Locomote Systems, Mississauga Ontario. Fall 2000.
Peterbilt 379 from Down East Transport of Dieppe, New Brunswick on a rainy day. Odessa Ontario, August 1999.
Volvo/GMC from Dor-Bec Transportation, a local petroleum hauler. Whitby Ontario, 1994.
The breweries enjoy the versatlity of B-trains. In many instances two store deliveries can be accomplished with one truck by dropping trailers at Beer Store locations. In this July 1998 photo we seen a White/GMC from Labatt's entered in that summer's Fergus Truck show by Al "Hollywood" Brodie of nearby Salem Ontario.
The introduction of any new truck usually has enthusiasts scrambling to get their first photo. At a busy Shell station in north-west Etobicoke on a rainy day, Doug photographed this brand-new Constellaton-Series Western Star from Harmac Transportaton, a contract carrier for Shell. The busy traffic did not allow Doug the time to get in a full-length shot of both trailers, but even from here one can see that the lead trailer has 3 axles of which the very first is an air lift in the "up" position and it rides on "super single" tires.
Peterbilt 377 with 8-axle B-train from Steel Transport of Gary Indiana. Photo was taken at Benton Harbor Michigan in the Spring of 2001. This particular Pete is a former SC Transport tractor.
Freightliner Chip-Train from Sunbury Transport.

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