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Here we see a small-sleeper equipped Freightliner cab-over with A-trains from Trimac. Westbound of Hwy.401 through Metropolitan Toronto, winter of 1976. Dual exhaust stacks and dual air intakes usually meant the tractor was powered with a 12V-71 Detroit Diesel.
Daycab equipped Freightliner Cab-over from BP Canada Limited, also westbound of Hwy.401 through Metropolitan Toronto in the winter of 1976. Note the left-hand exhaust mounting.
Freightliner conventonal from Buckham Transport of Bailieboro Ontario entering the St. Mary's Cement plant at Bowmanville Ontario, October 30 1986.
Inspiration for your Italeri Freightliner kit? A rainy mornng shot of a Freightliner FLC-120 from Kingsway Transport with single-axle "wedge" vans at Sudbury Ontario. 1998 photograph.
Freightliner FL-112 from Consolidated Freightways at the service plaza of I-90 West of Syracuse, New York on August 26, 2000.
Freightliner FLC-120 single-axle from Consolidated Freightways. Again at the service plaza on I-90 west of Syracuse, New York on August 26, 2000.
A-trains are a favourite of trucking companies involved in intermodal freight. Here we see a GMC Astro from Smith Transport pulling a train loaded with two standard ISO containers. Another cold, wintery scene from the winter of 1976.
International Transtar from Hume's Refrigerated Service of Toronto Ontario. Westbound on Hwy.401 thru Metropolitan Toronto in the winter of 1976. This International was powered with a V-903 Cummins 8-cylinder diesel engine. Hume's went out of business shortly after this photograph was taken.
Unusual set of A-trains from Allied Van Lines behind an International 9300 convetional with box sleeper.
Internatonal 9600 single axle from TCL Transport with twin trailers from the T. Eaton Company of Toronto.
Oil companies used a vast number of A-train tankers. Here is a V-12 Detroit-powered Kenworth cab-over from Shell delivering gasoline to one of their many stations. This one was located in Scarborough Ontario when this photo was taken in July of 1972. Kenworth cab-overs with V-12s were always unique-looking as Kenworth would put the Farr dry air cleaners directly behind the front wheels and run the breather tubes up the back on the outside of the exhaust stacks.
Kenworth conventional from International Cartage Limited (I.C.L.), Steel Division, eastbound on Hwy.401 thru Metropolitan Toronto in 1976. I.C.L. no longer exists, having been purchased by Yellow Freight years ago. The steel division operated for a short time under Yellow until an employee purchase turned the operation into International Freight Systems (I.F.S.) now of Tilbury Ontario.
Mack R-600 from Maksteel of Mississauge Ontario at the Essex County Trucker's Show, Leamington Ontario in May of 1982.
Mack R-600 from Atomic Transport, Oakville Ontario on November 28, 1987.
Mack A-Train from Atomic Transport, Oakville Ontario on November 28, 1987. This Atomic CH Mack is one of the first 5 pre-production prototypes. According to a Mack salesman we spoke with earlier that year at the ATHS Western New York Show, it was one of the first 5 built and one of only two build on DM Series chassis.
A-Trains in other parts of the world. In this 1990 photgraph we see an A-train milk tanker from New Zealand pulled by a New Zealand-production only RB Series Mack. A much different-looking truck than we're used to seeing.
R-600 Series Mack from Roadway photographed in Mississauga Ontario in the Summer of 1991. Of course with Roadway now owning Reimer Express Lines, this tractor was returned to work in the United States.
A mixed combination. A Peterbilt 378 from Mill Creek Motor Freight of Cambridge Ontario hooked up to a brand-new set of dump trailers belongng to J.R. Phillips of Maidstone Ontario. I can't quite remember the year of this but it was taken in the year of the very last Budwieser National Truck Show when it was at the Canadian National Exhibition.
Western Star from Frederick Bulk Transport with A-train dump trailers.
Western Star from Lorry/Nickel City Transport of Sudbury Ontario with twin 20-foot containers.

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