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Here are two shots of Campbell doubles. Campbell had just bought some 28' doubles and the conventional tractor was rare. They closed up less than a year after these pictures. These were taken in Effingham, IL in June 1985. Campbell 66 Mack leased along with the White WC tractors. These were their single axle doubles tractors shot in Kansas City.
Campbell "66" Express White Road Commander I near Memphis in 1975. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Campbell "66" Express White Road Commander 2 near Atlanta in 1977. The paint color became more brown and the location changed. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Campbell's "66" Express old trailer. Notice they emphasis their slogan "Humpin to Please" with Snorting Norton, the camel. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Campbell "66" Express International R Model. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Here is a Campbell "66" promotional picture showing a Freightliner with a set of doubles. Dennis Jackson Collection.
Here is a Campbell 66 box truck shot in Kansas City right about the time they closed. Gary Rich Photo. Here is a Campbell 66 Mack taken from one of their Points List. Ron Napierala Collection.
Campbell 66 terminal in Kansas City, MO, taken in April 1986. Gary Rich Collection. Campbell 66 40 foot trailer taken at Kansas City, MO. Gary Rich Collection. Cambell Mack R model with some trailers. Gary Rich Collection.
Campbell 66 Diamond T. Rudy Starr Collection.    

Here is "The Story of Campbell "66", Inc and Snortin' Nortin. Jim Steele Collection.

Here are some Winross diecast models from Charles Woodard who worked for Campbell for 14 years in Atlanta GA.
Taken 7-12-06 in Centralia, IL. This for 66 Express Lufkin van is still used. Brian Clark Collection. Taken 7/12/06 in Centralia, IL. Snortin' Norton is still around. Brian Clark Collection.

I drove for Campbell "66" Express from about April 1975 until September 1978 out of the Kansas City terminal on Nicholson Road. I happened to be near the old terminal building last night and decided to stop by since I had a few minutes to waste and my digital camera was in the car. I took these snapshots of the old terminal. It made me really nostalgic and a little sad that the building was in such sad shape. The Wagon Wheel bar at the end of the street near the terminal where a bunch of the KC drivers would enjoy a little libation after getting home was gone, too.

Rick Lowrey Collection

My name is Kevin Cole. I'm a road driver with Yellow in Atlanta. I'm forwarding to you some pictures that my Dad and I took at Campbell 66 in Atlanta in 1976. Dad started with Campbell 66 in 1973 in Atlanta as a road driver. Several drivers, including him, were layed off in '78 and he went to work in Dallas. He moved to Memphis in '82 and was working out of there when they closed. Campbell was a good company to work for. He enjoyed his time there and still talks about those days...
This is my Dad, Everette Cole (Woodstock). He's standing next to a '75 White RoadBoss. Campbell didn't buy many of these (25 -30, if that many) and they didn't keep them very long. They were Cummins powered (290 Formulas) with 10 spd. RoadRangers. They were bought before the NMFA mandated a/c for new road power in '76 so they didn't have air. Dad said they were hot and loud inside... Look at those big shiny bullet marker lights. Rare for a freight truck, then...
A better side profile shot. That driver "to be" in the seat is me at 10 years old...
A '75 Ford W900. Cummins 290 power with a 5/2 Spicer hooked to a rare bull nose trailer. The Road Commanders were '74 models with Cummins power and 10 speeds. Campbell kept the Fords and R/C's for quite a while...
Leaving Atlanta. Turning out onto Campbell Blvd. If you'll look closely on the hill, in the background is CF's terminal. They hadn't been there very long, at the time...
A '75 Mack F Model with Mack power (300 Maxidynes) and 5 speed. A lot of the drivers didn't like them for several reasons, one being the 5 speed and they shook bad while idling. Campbell didn't keep these very long, either...
This is Dad, after he went to work in Dallas, standing next to a unique piece of equipment. This was a '75 Road Commander with a V-10 Mercedes engine. Campbell had, I think 8 maybe 9 of these for testing. Notice the lower paint line (compared to the rest of the R/C's), twin exhaust, bullet marker lights and fancy chrome mirrors! These units had VIP interior packages and air conditioning! They had massive torque and made good power but they were extremely heavy especially on the steer... That's a Road Commander 2 facing away in the background...
This is Snortin' Norton over the office entrance in Atlanta in 1976. Notice the bicentennial flag? Here is a photo of Jeff Fuller and another driver at Campbell's 66. Jeff is the smaller of the two and was one of the smallest drivers for Campbell's.

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